Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Letter from the courts
Sorry for missing the blog yesterday. I was busy trying to find some money. Not an easy thing to do. I will let you know in a few days if I have been successful or not. I did however receive an actual notice from the court yesterday regarding my case. A very rare occurrence. I find this all so very interesting, don’t you? Now before I tell you what the letter said, I’d like to remind you of a few things that have happened in my case already of a similar nature to this notice so that you really get to feel the hit for what it is like for me.
Now, I first met the prosecutor in my case, Wiesniakowski on May 16th, 2002, the days after the “incident”. I did not however get to see anything from my case for about six weeks, nor was I given a lawyer in all of that time. In other words, I was made to sit and wait without even the slightest knowledge of my situation or even the procedure with which the people who were holding me were working. They know everything, I know nothing, Ok? What’s that like? What is it like to sit there wondering what the hell a group of corrupt lying fascists are going to do to you? Day after day after day after day… Knowing they are lying and seeing how little they care. And doing this about 100 or so meters from the Warsaw Ghetto walls… what’s it like? It’s humiliating. It’s dehumanizing. It’s a sick, perverted demented thing that they do and apparently are doing still. It is like having your brain raped every day; degradation with malice aforethought. It is like being forced to be in the company of criminals. It is extortion.
It was not until the day before a rather important meeting in my case about six weeks later that I finally even got a card from this lawyer. But he wouldn’t come to that meeting. Told us that he was on vacation and therefore that the meeting was an official procedural meeting in which it is determined that the files for the case are complete or not, was never told to me. I had no idea what was going on at that meeting. I had the whole of the file translated to me, and as I said in the book, I thought it was the biggest pile of crap I had ever heard but not knowing the form of what was being followed, I had no way of knowing what would be the best choice of actions. Without talking to me about it, my as yet still unknown attorney made a complaint in regards to the files. I thought that making a complaint was great, but I didn’t understand the “official function” of such a complaint because, again, nobody bothered to explain it to me. They also didn’t bother to explain what happens procedurally after such a complaint is made. What effectively happened, is that I was simply returned to my situation of having to pay for my stay and not one person bother to speak to me about this case at all and would remain that way for another 5 weeks.
At that time I received in the mail a notice that there would be a meeting at the prosecutor’s office on the 29th. Three days in the future. I still had never even met this lawyer and was amazed when I arbitrarily caught him after riding to his office to ask what the hell was going on. But even face to face, the lawyer not only wouldn’t tell me anything I might actually be able to use to defend myself, he actually refused even to tell me that Zaremba was going to be at the next meeting and that I would get a chance to question him. He also refused to point out that Zaremba was going to present an estimate of damages made to his car made after he went and had a second crash. Or that Zaremba was going to present them as the official estimate of the damages he was claiming to have been caused by me. I wrote a letter to the American Embassy complaining about this. I wrote another one to the attorney asking them to arrest Zaremba. But all that happened was that the aspirant lawyer from my attorney’s office who did show up for that meeting did a very good job of working with the prosecutor to hide from me what Zaremba was doing. He did this both at that meeting, and at his office the following Monday when he tried to make another lame complaint about the case. (see the book).
After I complained about this and the sort of humiliating treatment I was reviving, the lawyer went and quit ( I was blamed for that as you recall in the justification for the decision, printed here a few days ago) though I wasn’t even told about that until a week before the trial was supposed to begin in klate September. Still not knowing anything that would be helpful about procedure or process, and having only a week to prepare, my new lawyer laughingly didn’t even think a meeting with me would be all that important.
Are you getting the picture here?
They did this same thing to me in June concerning the existence of a meeting concerning getting my passport back when they wouldn’t even tell me that there would be such a meeting. This would also be the case for their accepting Zaremba’s inflated estimate, refusing to follow up on the reality of his situation regarding actual damages to his car i.e. checking the insurance records, etc, ignoring the issue of the second accident, etc, etc, or about his lying about his teeth, etc, etc, etc…)
So what did the letter say? Well… let me do the math for a second: I turned in the appeal on May 29th, 2003. I was given exactly two weeks to make said statement or the document would not be accepted. Today’s date is the January 14, 2004. As I had never heard one word from the courts about my case until yesterday, that means that it took them seven and a half months to even talk to me. And what did they say? Well, here is what the letter said:
This letter from the court notifies that the appeal trial will take place on 10th of February at 9.30 a.m. in the courthouse in Warsaw, ul. Chopina 1, courtroom 406. If you don’t appear at the appeal trial it will not impede the consideration of the case. It was said in English.
What in the hell do you think about this?
It took them seven and a half months to even find a day to talk about it. And, in the full 18 months now that these liars have determined that they need to screw with me, they have still a perfect record as to never even telling me what to expect. A trial?
What am I going to do? Well, over the next few days, I am going to think about this- I’ll do that here on the blog. I am open to suggestions. As far as I know I have no lawyer. I say this because I have never been contacted by the last woman supposedly assigned to my case. And, as you must be aware of by now, I have absolutely zero trust for anything said or done by Poland, so that will have to be figured into the decision. Ok, so we are public, right. Let’s take a few days and think about this a little…
Tune in tomorrow.