Tuesday, May 11, 2004


So yesterday was interesting…

I think I have mentioned here before that there are two relatively similar words in Russian: Zapoy and tupoy, the first meaning that one is on a drunk and the other that means one is simply stupid in general. I think that these words are pretty applicable at the moment.

I finally had an opportunity to directly play host to Sir Paul (http://www.livejournal.com/users/djdirect/)and I did my best to do so in the best and finest fashion of the region. In other words, I got him snockered on local vodka.

I must say that he handled the delicacies of the art form well; only drinking toasts together, only after agreement, and only after the truth. Our table was relatively spartan with only brown bread and lemon to cut the bite of the vodka, but these things are there for a reason and we indeed found some communal sprit after a few. We could see that Sir Paul had reached his limit when instead of smelling the lemon after drinking to the bottom his fourth or fifth rather healthy glass of the regions finest (we had bought all of the bottles in the Brestskoy line as a sort of sample pack) he began feverishly shoveling bread and lemons, rind and all, into his mouth in an attempt to control his stomach. In Paul’s own words, it was carnage.

So, after being good Samaritans and corralling our now staggering third back to his home (no happy faces for us there) we weaved our own way to the bus, I think, and then to the incomparable Club Nymph for two games of Russian Billiards. I’ll save you the suspense and say here that I won, putting to rest any, and I say any questions remaining from our previous Lithuanian contest as to who has the better stick. More drunken talk and some chatting with a couple of local devuchka’s followed.

I however am a fat, old married man and 3:00am and half of the bottles drunk was enough for me. And so leaving him to continue his conquest of a rather attractive bar girl on his own, I headed for hearth, home and a liter or two of kefir.

This debauchery continues today out in the village… You can check out Paul’s version of the story if you want, but I’m telling you that you get the straight dope right here.

About the case…

I wrote two letters to the courts yesterday morning. The first regarding both Bruce’s situation and his abilities insofar as being there in the courts and collecting papers and such and the second, which I will reprint below, concerns Ms. Irena Krzaczek and what I am wanting in terms of representation.

I think I have made it clear that during the entire time of the trial, my lawyers seemed intent on aiding the prosecution and getting some admission of guilt from me rather than doing any real defending. Ms. Irena Krzaczek was herself quite straight forward about this there at the end of the trial proper. I assume that we could safely say that the year that the appeal process took was also a fairly accurate representation of her skills as an advocate. So, in addition to the complaining letter I represented here a few days ago, I am also making a motion concerning what my lawyer can and cannot speak about concerning my defense. What this means of course is basically that she can only talk about what I have written in my appeal and is not permitted any artistic or “Zarembic” license with my story. And as far as interpretation of what I have written, I am trying to cut those ends a little sharper by also asking that the document itself actually be read in court. I don’t know if this fits form or not, actually I don’t care, but at east they will have to deal with the truth about the obvious and outright fact that that bum Zaremba was an unmitigated liar an that the court knowingly aided and abetted his assault and robbery of me. Deep apologies to my forked tongued attorney if this ripples her mange, but I am simply not interested in being translated into fascist any more. I mean, I have a bike shop to build and these people are sucking all of the oil off of my chain. Ooh, I liked that one. And it works the other way too: ..And they can just go and suck the oil off of my chain…

Here is the letter:

Sąd Okręgowy w Warszawie X Wydział Karny OdwoławczyAppeal court.
Ul. Chopina 1, 00-951 Warszawa
Za pośrednictwem Sądu Rejonowego dla Warszawy – Śródmieścia obrońca z urzędu Adama R. Goodmana – oskarżonego w sprawie sygn. akt: II K2589/02

Request for the acceptance of written testimonies as evidence
That the text of my appeal be read during the May 21st court sessions.

I request my arguments to be accepted in writing because:

1. I wish neither Ms. Irena Krzaczek nor any other lawyer chosen by the courts to represent any other ideas other than those I have written in my appeal or in the essays and documents I have already turned into the courts.
2. I have made my defense known in writing in my appeal and I have submitted it properly and it was accepted by the courts.
3. I wish for only those ideas and elements of which I had written of in my appeal and which bare my signature be which is represented in my defense.
4. I have no wish to have those ideas changed.

Also, because of financial and visa problems, I may not be able to appear at the court session of the 21st of May. However, whether or not I am able to appear in court at this time, I ask that the court agree that my written ideas be represented directly in court by means of reading my appeal aloud in the court sessions.

I request this because the court previously refused evidences because they were not given orally. However, as

5. None of my attorneys has ever made any attempt to aid my understanding of procedure,
6. Made available to me in a timely fashion any of the court transcriptions or
7. Made the contents of those documents submitted to the courts by my accuser known to me,
8. Because the poor quality of the translations at the time of the court sessions made it impossible for me to clearly understand the proceedings and
9. That I have had no conversations with Ms. Irena Krzaczek at any time over the last year and so therefore have no knowledge of what or how she might represent me;

I believe this to be the only way for me to properly represent the ideas I wish to present for my defense.

Should Ms. Irena Krzaczek or any court appointed attorney refuse to represent only those ideas written in my appeal or the essays and papers I turned in to the courts in my own defense for any reason, it should be known by the court that this is in direct opposition to my wishes.

I therefore ask, for the purposes of fairness and clarity, that the ideas for my defense be accepted in writing and/or read directly during the court sessions.

Duly signed,
Adam Goodman

More soon…