Sunday, September 21, 2008

Letter from Poland...

Hi Adam!

I have read your website/blog and although I can understand that you do feel very bitter/upset/frustrated about what has happened to you in Poland, I do not understand why you have to publicise just the bad bits
about Polish people. Is that some kind of revenge? A bit sad in my opinion... but if it is what you want...
Like in every country there are good and bad people. The balance is the same everywhere, whether it is Europe, Asia or America. There is the same level of corruption, perhaps larger in some countries, for example
Russia would certainly beat Poland where it comes to corruption.

I myself have lived in a foreign country for 16 years, had good and bad experiences but I am far from blaming the whole country and having a "blog vendetta" because as I said it is down to the individuals and it
happens everywhere.

I can tell you that I know of many foreigners who have most wonderful memories of their time spend in Poland, not just once but many times they have visited over the years. Many would love to live there but don't know the language to do that, which brings me to my next point:

did you have an Interpreter when the police and courts were questioning you? If not, then I would say that was wrong, because you could have explained your side clearly if you did.

Anyway, I hope you will not die hating the Poles and will get a chance to change your mind about the majority of our population!

It's up to you, anyway :-) try again and good luck this time!

Ewa Maria Love (Eve)


1. Read the book
2. It's not the same everywhere
3. If I did have an interpretur but nevertheless did spend a year (or seven years) explaining the situation and yet had the entirety of the Polish Justice system demonstrating that they had not even a fragment of truth about them just the same, would this change your mind?
4. I print the bad bits because Poland IS one of the bad bits and this IS the truth


5. I am still doing this because they are still hiding from it :-|


Thanks for the mail and the love,