Friday, March 07, 2008

Chilly S live ...

What more can I say...

I chatted with Chilly S after I got the notice of this video and I thought I should print the conversation here as well.

I want to ask you about making this video and selling the book and all. I appreciate the shout out, but what brought on the inspiration?

Chilly S: Listen - you did the first ever chilly s interview - you gave me an outlet to be heard and I just wanted to return the favor. Besides, your story needs to be heard. There aren't many Americans in your situation. I think people can do more good by exposing human rights violations one story at a time rather than contributing money to some charity. See something - say something.

The song ("gas mask?") is very angry and cynical and seems to be about how social realities have become dysfunctional as a result of bureaucratic corruption and mismanagement. You urge us not to believe what we see and hear. Where did the inspiration for this song come from?

Chilly S: You probably missed it cuz this is the part where the audio was poor and the DJ was talking over me - but when I lifted the gas mask up i said "Chilly S could not be here today - so I came instead". My whole "act" is that I come out in a gasmask on stage (look at first episode of Chronicles). Why I do this, will be made more clear in future episodes. That night I was performing but I was also filming footage for the internet show - I was interviewing other artists and asking them questions, the final question was "Do you know who is Chilly S"? obviously most of them did not know me. So the funny part was that even after my performance people were not sure if I was Chilly S or not.

The song is called Transurfing with Vadim Zeland. It's about nothing and it's about everything. Vadim Zeland is someone I discovered about a year ago and everything I've been doing with Chilly S is heavily influenced by his books. It's too much to go into but if you're interested you can check out - His books have not been translated to English yet (due out this fall). My whole deal with trying to wake people up and turn them on to Reality Transurfing in hopes that it will change their life for the better as it has changed mine. Future episodes will deal with Transurfing in more detail with a few surprises here and there. Stay tuned.

I asked you this before, but do you think your soviet dissident background plays a role in your distrust of power?

Chilly S: I was too young (9 years old) when I left Russia - so I didn't really feel any of the oppression of communism. But maybe I have some of that distrust implanted in me genetically - that is if the Illuminati didn't get to me first ? ;-)

Ok, but seriously, I can't believe you did this. It was so cool. I just stared at it while the titles were rolling and it was like "what the fu…" When are you coming to Belarus? Me Casa su casa.

Chilly S: We'll see... we'll see...

more soon...