Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Well that was nice.

I think that a few well spent days off can do a body a world of good. The party yesterday in honor of woman’s day was not all that great to tell the truth. Tatyana didn’t have the apatite to do anything special, so we just kind of sat around, watched old movies on TV and ate. I did talk her into coming out with the kid and I and kicking around the football a little for some exercise. She turned out to be pretty good and even scored three goals off of us. Why not?

And I read in the paper the actual origins of woman’s day and I hope it is not too much of a shock to everybody, but it apparently had its origins in the united states of all places. In 1857 the female garment workers of New York went on strike in protest of working conditions. This event was recognized as significant by the women of the American Socialist Party who had the holiday commemorated in 1910, also in the states. The Russian socialists of the time recognized the holiday as a show of solidarity, and it has been a part of the culture ever since.

Anyway, today I am back to work. So, first things first, let’s check out the mail. Oh, that’s a surprise: My files have been wiped out again. That makes the sixth time they have wiped out stuff I have left on the computer. A friend of mine asked me if I am paranoid at all living here and I told him no, and that it was all part of the fabric... six times. I saved everything that was important, but of course it takes time to rebuild everything. Oh well...

OK, first my personal; mail... wow: 110 bulk mail pieces! How many people have my name on their lists!? OK dump those. Now let’s see: Aha, my translator friend from Poland. She says that her computer is dead and so this is why she can be of help. Oh well, what’s yet another problem?

What next? Ah, Coca-Cola wrote me back again. They had referred me to Coca-Cola Budapest for help in terms of sponsorship for the bike club. This is what they wrote:

Thank you for contacting us again. We have forwarded your email to the appropriate
personnel in our overseas offices. If they are able to assist you, someone should
be in touch with you shortly. Best of luck to you!

Industry and Consumer Affairs
The Coca-Cola Company

[THREAD ID:1-9G4…)

Wonderful! Anything else? Hmm, several letter from one guy. Interesting… interesting…. An apology for things being so bad for me. Sympathy notes- oh, and a mailing list! Thank you very much. OK, business as usual.

Nothing else of much interest. Don’t feel like saying much today. Got some things coming up. Who the hell knows. Been had. Hasn’t stopped yet.
Be back Thursday.