Sunday, March 21, 2004


Just a quick sign-in to tell people that I am alive.

Things have been changing pretty quickly around here. The old addage was that it was an entirly bad idea to put all of one´s eggs into one basket, but parently that was before my time. And now, having done so, I am scrambling to find my way. I guess that is how it goes.

However, I recieved the news of the year this morning. The one and only Mel Pinto, agreed today to make an astoundingly wonderful contribution to the bike club. I had written Mel a few weeks ago about the bike clubs problems, specificaly pour bottom bracket issue. It had been an interesting correspondance, the both of us sending measurments and specifications of various old school Bottom brackets in the hope of finding something that would fit our out of date soviet made racers. UN-fortunatley, the animal we were looking for, namely a straight 34mm cup size does not exist exept on this side of the fence. Maybe this was another thing that was used to distance the USSR and the west during the times of the cold war.

But Mel came up with the idea that it would be possible to re-tap the BB´s to fit old-school french, and agreed (And I am still blinking at the e-mail) to send us the tool, the tap and the bottom brackets curtesy of his solely. The abuility to keep the bikes alive is directly connected to the keeping of the bike school going. And the gift is no small thing, being equivilent to about three months of the total budjet of the bike school if my estimates are correct.

So from all of the guys at the bike school and from myself, with all of our hearts, thank you

Mel Pinto Imports of Virginia, distributor´s of ALAN Bicycle Frames & Forks and a leading wholesale distributer since 1958.

And a permanent link here on this blogspot as well!

So what is going on with the case?

Well, I am alive and kicking, and I am doing what needs to be done. I say this because I am doing something that I do not really enjoy, therefore the doing of it becomes at issue. But feeling purposful is a good thing, and though I absolutly know that I am making substitute choises, I am using what energy there is for the doing of it.

Oh what a joy following one´s heart is. Look at the satisfaction one can achieve!

But it was good wasn´t it? I mean, simply being in a place one want´s to be in rather than a place one has been asigned to or resigned to as the case might have been. I was doing the right thing, right?

So what is all of the rambling about? Well I am not going to say at the moment.

But that doesn´t mean anything. This secracy is courtacy of the Polish courts. The paranoia I suppose just a side dish to go along with the angst and disgust. Angst... That is a German word isn´t it? It is a German word used to describe a german atribute. That is not to say that only Germans can and do experience angst, I am just saying that the shoe fit and the ideal and the ideology go together like... say...pork sausage and cabbage. It is a natural thing, or at least a natural thing faught against with alöl one´s will for all of one´s life. Now that´s the heart of angst right there for you. Anyway, even this moment is all connected to the infinate knowelege of the slow moving and slower witted sages on the Polish bench.

But some friends have agreed to help out with the solving of some problems, and this continued connection is a good thing. A very good thing.

So what about the future?

Well, I got some things I want to write about, but I have to allow forthe passage of my current paranoia. So as far as Will or Paul or the amazing game of shithead (mixed with verbal abuse), or Rainer or Dobra or the future of the bike business and other amazing recent happenings, you are simply going to have to guive me a day or two or three...

But it will all be here. And the worst part is, that this thing might actually turn into a blog! God help me.

More soon.