Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March 8th is International Woman's Day!

March eighth is a very special day here in Belarus. Here it is known as the Day of the Woman. On this day the men show their appreciation for all of the things that the women do, not only for them, but for the world in general.

Basically, Women's Day is the day to buy flowers, candies, cakes- to do the cooking and cleaning; to basically treat the ladies as well as you can and to do so with as much love as you can.

I went and did the shopping already. We plan a nice breakfast, a slow morning, maybe a nice walk and in the evening, we'll take in a show, a concert or a movie, whatever is going on.

And me personally, well, this March 8th I am celbrating my best friend Tatyana. Aside from being my friend, companion and the mother of my daughter, my Tanya has been with me through thick and thin. She has helped me do all of the funky Belarusian paperwork and she has worked with me at the farm. She has helped me translate documents, written letters for me, came to visit me when I was stuck in Poland. She laughs (sometimes) at my jokes, tolerates my guitar playing, helps entertain friends, looks after me when I am sick, makes for me any food from my memory that I think I need in our kitchen and in general, is there for me and for Egor and Anya, day and night.

That my friends, is a woman.

Oh and my Anya is pretty cool too.

Folks, do something nice for the women on March 8th. It is a huge day here in Belarus and you will not find anyone, male or female who does not understand what this day means.

Vsyex C Praznikum 8 Marta!!!

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