Tuesday, May 25, 2004

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Eerie, scary stuff…

It is early morning on Tuesday and I am more than a bit worried. The reason for this worry is that my friend Bruce seems to have disappeared. For those of you not too familiar, Bruce is a friend of mine who had agreed to drop off some papers with the Polish courts and to sit in on the session on the 21st and let me know what was going on there. The problem is, is that the note I got from him on Friday was pretty cryptic:

“Would suggest contacting the U.S. Embassy to get copies of everything. As I wrote, they said you'd need to file a motion. I don't think they'll tell the embassy that. If you tell me to go that way, I can take the copy you sent me and see if that will initiate something. Otherwise, good luck!
Best to All, Bruce”

I have no guess as to what has happened. This is not the sort of note you’d get from a guy who just sat through a court session. I had sent him several documents allowing him to be in court and to obtain the minutes of said court hearing, but then the day came and went and I have not hear another word from him. That there has been no record of the court session made available to me is about par for the course for the Polish courts- this has been going on for over a month; they ignored written requests both by mail and personally presented. And now they seem to have disappeared my friend. No folks, I have no information as to what they have said or done. They have never presented me with any information of any kind for over two years preferring to exist in the shadows as it were. Very creepy, very ugly and very real.

I am glad I am getting this out into the world. Do we really want these sorts of people having power over our lives? Do you really live to live like this? Do you understand that this is the year 2004 and they are still playing medieval games of torture in the world… and liking it!!!

No, I do not know what has been said in the court. I was not privy to that information no matter how I presented the request to be told. Only you, my loyal and dear public know the truth as to what they do to people in Poland. And now, they seem to have actually disappeared a pretty nice fellow…

I’ll let you know more when I know more… soon, hopefully.