Wednesday, December 27, 2006

OK, so I guess it is time to get back to work…

I mentioned the other day that it is coming to be the time to get on the web. I actually almost started it a couple of months ago, but there were some technical problems and some preparedness issues that have since been taken care. It is looking like we are ready to get started.

But of course no great enterprise ever gets underway without some proper planning. For example there are several things that probably do not need to be transplanted such as the STORY page (what you are looking at right now) and the BHTimes- These can happily stay exactly where they are. But I think most of the court case pages can be rewritten- I have a bit better access to scanners these days and I think actually seeing the original court pages might make the issue even more clear than they have been, or maybe a bit more real.

But in addition to this, I have been trying to decide what else should go into this new web page. Idealistically I think that I should try and be a better resource for people and not just a restatement of the blog. I have been considering what other themes are to be here that I have not previously used. The first thought that came to mind is of course bikes. I have almost nothing about bikes on the blog now and really, this business began in its first moments, when Zaremba attacked me with his car, a bike and bike safety issue. Why I have never employed this idea before seems strange to me now; I am a lifetime bike advocate, I've been a professional courier, have ridden a bike across the USA and believe in the machine's usefulness far more than I believe in the use of cars for personal transportation. And, I am sure my hitting the bastard had everything to do with thinking for all bikers everywhere. So this for one I think should be a part of this new endeavor.

I also have never touched upon the Polish Legal system directly. What I mean by this is that I have not made any studies or connected to the subject of exactly why they could do what they did to me, and conversely had and have been able to do it to others. Along this line of thought, I have not really made a place for folks like Sebastian Kornhauser and others like him who feel that they have also victims of an unreasonable and abusive Polish system. There are several bloggers out there who I know of who are speaking of Poland, they should be here, and also several NGO's, human rights groups and many, many advocates of real change for the Polish people. So this needs to go up as well.

These are not the only themes I want to explore here though; there are a lot of avenues that have some connection to all of this. But aside from themes, I have been thinking of what sorts of technical innovations to employ. For instance, I think I might like to add in some elements to the site such as a U-tube frame, which has been suggested to allow for relevant video content. I have been against this for a while because my own internet connection and processor speed does not really allow for U-tube to work properly, but friends assure me that this is interesting. Also we could have things like audio downloads available and probably a BHTimes news ticker for up-to-the-minute headlines. And, for what it is worth, I am thinking of adding a chat window for both public sessions and person to person interaction.

And then there are the external pages and services. There are a lot of things that I do for people that I never mention in the blog as being actual services. Perhaps that I haven't mentioned them might have a lot to do with people not asking. I mean, why not try and be helpful if you can? So lately I have been thinking of adding in something about Belarusian tourism. I have a lot of connections in the business from here and I have had a lot of experience in dealing with the issues, so I think I can be of some reasonable help to people who might wish to come here as a part of their vacation plans. And, for people who might not have the ability to come here but nevertheless have an interest in Belarus, I think a message board for people wanting to contact friends and relatives is possible. And as far as people wanting to connect with their Belarusian past, I was thinking of putting more time into making virtual tours and village investigation. I don't think I am really interested in doing Belarusian brides, but I do think I could extend my legwork chores for people who are either researching their past or are thinking of doing business in Belarus.

What else? Contacting the Belarusian ex-pat community? Having forums concerning US/Polish interactivities over the last few years, offering an on-line catalogue of Belarusian goods which could be shipped abroad; this could include Russian language books and tapes and things like this. And as long as we are at it, what about merchandising? Even if they are just gifts for donations or sponsorships, is there a reason not to offer both Belarusian souvenirs or a hat or a shirt with a Being Had logo on it?

I say why not?

Anyway, these are the thoughts. If you think you have any ideas or comments about these things I have mentioned, please let me know. On my part, all I can say is that I am really enthused about doing this and am at the moment spending my best time dealing with the problems of getting things together. I can only hope that it will turn out to be great. Well, ok, greatness is a weird hope: Let's just say effective. Or better, let's get this thing nailed down once and for all.

More soon…