Monday, February 02, 2004


Monday morning.

I have blogged up the last of the three essays today. The third or “TORTURE” essay can be found by clicking on that word.
I got a comment about the quotes in yesterdays’ essay being taken out of context. Well, I have two things to say about that. Firstly, I am directing attention to specific quotes because I feel it is obvious that the particular statements I am pointing to are telling, or damning, and that is the purpose of pointing them out. I think it is foolish to assume that the general idea of a statement is all anyone cares to see. I mean, if I was to say something like:
1. I am generally happy.
2. I like my home.
3. My sister is green.
4. I eat really well.
I don’t see anything wrong in flagging the story about the color of the sister. It is important and this would be specifically so in a situation where we are reading a court document from a witness with a vested interest in saving his own butt as he is saying it.
1. Exactly I will not be able to qualify when I most likely passed Orla Street.
2. I do not know how far I was from the stop when I first saw accused.
3. The distance between my car and the bus was a good 5 meters.
4. I was going about 40-50km/h.
5. The speed limit for his place is 50km/h.
See what I mean? If he wants to say something like the bus was five meters in front of him, he is lying because it physically can’t happen. So that’s why you do things like this: To find the lies.
And so, to be as clear as I could when I turned in these essays to the court, I accompanied them with a document I made which had both the Polish texts and the English translations transcribed and numbered. I did this so it would be more easy to question Zaremba about his statements (Something I never got to do) and to allow for these quotes to be found IN CONTEXT, quickly by the courts.
Now what might be interesting to all of you non-court people, is that this document I am speaking of is completely abnormal for the Polish courts because the court uses only handwritten transcriptions of the courts minutes. No stenographer, no tape-recorder, just a girl sitting next to the judge and writing down the statements as they are translated by the judge. And yes, occasionally the handwriting is hard to read.
So this business of identifying untruthful indevidual statemnts might simply be over the head of the courts to start with. Or of course, as in my case, it gives them a good excuse to turn deaf ears.
But I had a point to make, so I did what I needed to do anyway. And I thought my form eminently more readable and exact than the court's scrawl. But I also think it is important to point out that these essays were not refused because of this reason, but rather because the court demanded that only verbal statements were acceptable as evidence. That the court refused to tell me this ahead of time, or to even allow me to make such statements is also true. They even refused to allow me to speak of these things when it was my turn to testify! And that I was not allowed to hear the statements made (poor translations) and was not given the testemony documents for about two months after the words were said was also true.
But in the end, I would like to make it clear that I wrote these essays for the courts at a time when I thought I was finally free from being with a Polish attorney. These were happy moments for me because those attorneys were doing a very good job of defending Zaremba while at the same time hanging me out to dry. When I wrote these things, I really thought that it was finally time to make these points that I had been trying to make since early July of 2002 when I first heard what the cop was passing off as a story.
But as you know, they just didn’t want to hear it. What this is called folks is suppression of evidence. And, as you can see by the court’s JUSTIFICATION FOR ITS DECISION, this is indeed the case.

Anyway, I think the whole of the court case is now pretty much all public. There are a few extra documents not yet blogged that I suppose I could blog up. I have not printed the notice about the hearing on June 13th to discuss whether or not my passport should be held. I did not know this document existed until October when Drazek’s sister pointed it out to me. I hadn’t even known about the meeting because the embassy failed to tell me about it. I mentioned this story in both the BOOK and in the ANNOTATED COURT TESTIMONIES; this was the document that sent me to the American Embassy to get a letter of clarification from them as to who was to blame.
I have not listed my court ordered psyche report. I have never translated that one. But the one sentence at the end that was used by the court to show a “slight degree of diminishment” basically says that the doctor thought I was straight as an arrow but was made angry at being hit by a car. The court refused to officially hear from the doctor in court because of this and instead demanded to say what it felt like about the situation.
The inspection document I had made by the cops on May 17th, Which was “lost” by the Police until January 30th, 2003 is not here. The text of that document is not here though the basic statement is that there are no new damages to the bike. I also had an “opinion” statement made by the cop who wrote the report specifying that, but that is still to this day lost. And of course, I have not blogged my testimonies. They are in the book. But then again, you know what I have to say on the subject.
So basically, you could say that this is what I have to say. The court was unfair and biased. The case against me was an insult to one’s intelligence, but they chose to waste my time and screw over my life anyway.
They are going to convene and talk about this all again in 10 days. It has been eight months since I wrote the APPEAL for the case. I am very, very, very poor now. I have no credit and no way to do the things I said I was going to do. I am still with who I was with at the beginning and I am still trying to do what I said I wanted to do. I am not done yet.
So check out the TORTURE ESSAY, and all of the other essays, documents, testimonies and plays I have blogged here and let me know what you think. You can write me at

And yes, I will be here again tomorrow.