Thursday, May 27, 2004

Back to the HOMEPAGE

Nobody has been killed!

Well that is good to know. Old Bruce did not in fact come to some egregious end at the hands of the Polish kidnappers, but instead had simply been blanked by a computer error thanks to I had gotten a message Friday that looked for all intents and purposes like a virus, but was simply in fact a blank that came from Bruce instead of his original message. This is what I got from him yesterday morning:

“Didn't my Friday message arrive? I'll repeat what I can.
I went. The interpreter looked at your papers and presented them to the court, translating your English version because she said the Polish one was too garbled. Then we were ushered out while the proceedings took place and I was told to come back at 1400 which I did. BUT; Inside , she was saying that there were no minutes of the hearing to copy because there was no trial.
How can you have an appeal if there was no trial? It was a prosecutor's trail. You have to file a motion to get the minutes. (of whatever?) Whatever you write, write it in English addressed to the court so it will be entered to the record.
So I went back at 1400, sat while others were called, was asked why I was there, (said) for you, well the sentence is the same. Records? You have to file a motion.
Which is why I say your best bet is to go through the Embassy however you feel about them.
I understood very little of what went on, but know she told them what you wrote if she repeated in Polish what she read out loud in English. The attorneys had nothing to say to me, the judge only acknowledged that I delivered the letters and wasn't you. I wasn't part of the proceedings so I couldn't stay, but wouldn't have understood much if I had. I did catch that Zaremba wasn't there, and it sounded like he should have been. Soooooo.........”

Now I am waiting on an answer about what that “sentence” sentence was all about. But as you can see, the nothing has really changed. I don’t really understand what the difference is between the document I wrote that says that I wanted my stuff read in the court and that this guy is entitled to observe for me and retrieve papers and this thing they are calling a motion. And as far as that is concerned, this is true for all of the letters from all of the directions I have tried to use to get copies of what they have said in the past sessions. And of course the 10 or twelve times I have requested that Zaremba be charged for his crimes. It’s funny how they just sit there for a year and do nothing about anything I say in print and than come back and say I need to request something in writing.

But that Zaremba didn’t show is a pretty big deal I would say. For me, as the unfairly accused and, as I am not in the country and that it would cost me money I neither have nor would ever spend to go to Poland (a good common sense approach to your travel plans concerning a visit there I might add!) not to have been in the court was probably expected. But in theory at least, this Zaremba bum was an auxiliary prosecutor, a cop and lives about 10 minutes away from the court. Why did he think it was not important to show up? Dodging? I would of course take that tact of reasoning.

So I have been thinking about this “motion” I have to file. Maybe that motion would look something like this:

Motion to actually read what has been said about me

I move that I be sent all copies of all of the records of all of the court meetings since my appeal was filed. Please mail them to me or give them to whoever I can find to get them for me.

Think that would work? Hasn’t so far. And this business of telling me to send stuff in English both is the opposite of what I had been told in court, and invites months and month and months of waiting time fore the official translator to do their job. I gave ‘em a computer translation the last two times. This translator’s opinion of computer Polish means nothing to me. (How do you translate “Shove it up your ass!”) Just another game folks. Here is another word to translate: Torture. No I know that one. It is Tortura in Polak.

How about this one for another motion.

Motion to have charges pressed against Tomas Zaremba.

I move that charges be presented against Tomas Zaremba for all of the reasons I have mentioned in all of the essays and the appeal and all of my statements and by all that is holy in the world and because you would feel better and because I have already asked you to do this about 25 times of the last two goddamned years!

Think they would buy that one?

Motion to have the courts feel shame

I move that the court agree to feel shame for its actions in this case over the last two years. After having openly disregarded any reason, logic or justice over the course of a really long and extended period of time, I move that the court agree to sit in shame, in full view of the public and agree in the future to actually be responsible for its actions.

And maybe one more

Motion to return to reality

I move that the sentence be reversed, compensation paid and a public apology made.

I have not the slightest clue what to do anymore… really.

More soon.