Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nominated for something...

Kind of a nice thing to wake up to on a warm summer Sunday morning. Apparently, I have been nominated as being amongst a small group of bloggers hammering away from eastern Europe as tyheir blogger of the year for 2011. Wow! After so many years of virtual anonymity, I can't tell you how this feels! Thank you! Thank you!

I got notified by the Eastern European Expat Blog and had a look and sure enough, there I am as their 21st nomination (and still as yet on the front page!) Even got labeled as juicy, or at least my stories about Poland were. You see what kind of respect you can get when you don't do Russian brides! It does seem like there are quite a few cool blogs mentioned so I most certainly recommend heading over to take a look. Again, thanks guys! And, if elected, I promise to support everything good and to fight as hard as I can against everything that is bad and to stand before transparency and to push corruption back into the shadows where it belongs!