Friday, May 21, 2004

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Court today

Ok, so today is the day. In about three hours or so the court is going to convene and supposedly talk about the appeal I wrote over 12 months ago. I sent a letter that gives my permission for my friend Bruce to go and listen to what they have to say. And I have just mailed out a letter to the American press informing them about today’s date.

I am not sure exactly how many words I have written and said about this debacle. I don’t really know how much more I could possibly say. I have been suffering here for over two years because some bum who claims he is a cop either couldn’t control his temper while driving with his 11-year-old, or was simply attacking me straight out as a potential mark for extortion. Either was, the results were the same. Should I have paid them? I couldn’t. That was never an option. I couldn’t morally because it would have been a lie. I couldn’t agree to say that I was crazy and lost it all, sacrificing years of work with bikes and as a rider and as a businessman hoping to do work in that field. I couldn’t even do it financially, that particular drain on my funds would have been to much in and of itself. So I didn’t. And when my lawyers wouldn’t support me ( I wouldn’t pay them either) I tried to defend myself. And when the courts wouldn’t allow me to do this (I suppose because I wouldn’t pay them) I went public. This blog and all of the pages associated with it and all of the letters and the book and all that have been through is simply because the people who have attacked me and have been attacking me without remorse or conscience for the last two years are simply criminals.

Should by some stroke of luck, the judges decided to actually read the case before them, hey will vindicate me. Should my lawyer, in a fit of moral outrage decide that the truth is indeed what is important in law, I will have the decision reversed. If by some miraculous stroke of luck, the whole of the system wakes up, they will offer compensation and justice for what they have done to me, to Tatyana, the my partners at the bike school, to Tatyana’s kid, her family, to my family, to my friends, to the people in Poland who extended money, time and kindness to me- and perhaps to all of the people who’s lives were diminished by this cops presence it them.

Being a civil servant is a privilege. To abuse that right is a crime.

I am not going o be there. I am not going to be there because I don’t have enough money right now for the ticket, and certainly not enough for the visa. And, I have never felt safe about being anywhere near Poland since this started. And what is more, I have no faith that my being there would make a damned bit of difference. They haven’t spent one second of the last two years dealing with the truth or any real evidence that their cop was an abuser, a liar and a thief. You get my point?

Read these pages. The truth is here. And take my advise as far as dealing with Poland is concerned.

This is all I have to say today.