Thursday, March 24, 2005

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Thursday, 24 March 2005

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I am writing this Blog while uploading some slides for a new permanent page. I had made this really… I don’t know if cool is the right word, but it is what I want to say, this really cool PowerPoint presentation way back in September of 2002, right before the Judge for my case was chosen. If you read the book Being Had, you know all about this, but if not I will try to make this clear.
The situation was that I was being held in Poland, the courts were holding my passport and I had been having the worst time with my state appointed lawyers. They seemed to be doing nothing about defending me, or worse were doing an excellent job of defending Tomas Zaremba, the cop who had tried to run me into a bus with his car. At the time, Zaremba had given three testimonies to the prosecutor, the last one with me in attendance and as of this moment two things were absolutely clear to me. I already knew that Zaremba was lying, but now I understood that both my lawyer and the prosecutor knew this as well and that neither thought this of any legal consequence.

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So I took it upon myself to try and make my case, not the case my lawyer was trying to argue, but my case clear to whoever the judge might be. With the help of some friends I put together a 92-page report about the situation consisting of three essays and all the corresponding documents. The centerpiece was this PowerPoint collection of 30 slides that I am at the moment uploading. At the time, I knew that none of this was necessary because if the judge was not as obviously corrupt as the lawyers and the cops had turned out to be, he or she would already know that the case was a farce. But my thinking was that you couldn’t argue the existence of something that was in print and staring you in the face. Especially when what was staring you in the face was actual physical evidence that Zaremba was a liar
So I turned in the report, and of course they found a legal reason to ignore it. Well, I don’t know if they ignored it or not. My lawyer, and again he was doing a bang up job for the cop, told me that they were ignoring it- gleefully actually, but never had the time to tell me what had to be done for them to un-ignore it. . But the report is kinda cool and it does make a pretty straightforward point, I think: Zaremba was a liar some 13 times or so, so far. And of course he would go on to lie many more times before the deal was through including offering an estimate of damages made after yet another accident, 6 weeks after he tried to run me over.

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So anyway, I have never published this before because I have never had the technology to get it on the web. But now I do. What was turned into the courts was a version that had been translated into Polish and was slightly different in a few of the slides. The wording was a little different too and I think that it was a bit shorter. But for the most part this it.

So click “HERE” to head over to the new page and tell me what you think. And I guess I have to update the HOMEPAGE too.
If you have been reading me I know that you were expecting some more about the village and dacha gossip and I will go back to that tomorrow. And, I am proud to say that we did make our first box yesterday- this one for the artichoke seeds. That was kind of weird you know? You soak them until they start to sprout, about a week, and then you stuff them into the freezer for a week and then plant them. They say you have to do this if you want heads the first year. Crazy. I hope it works out.

Back to the village stuff tomorrow here, and I think I am off to the village to see about getting my land fertilized (horse shit) and plowed (also by horse) within the next few days. So if I miss an entry, you know why and what I smell like.