Friday, January 16, 2004

Ok… so what I need to do is to put together another piece of writing for this upcoming court date. I suppose I could count exactly how many of these papers I have written. Let’s see; there were the two I wrote after I got to first read the files back in July, 2002. I wrote about the obvious lies that I could see in Zaremba’s story in one, and that it was obvious to me that Wiesniakowski was helping Zaremba in the second. No response from those. After that was the 92-page paper in which I proved that Zaremba was lying about the previous damages to the car. That was an interesting one, actually. I saw on the photos of the car that there were streaks of dirt streaming back from the little dents you could see in the hood. This was obviously a result of a dirty car being driven in the rain. I consulted a weather site on the web, and got the weather history for Warsaw for that day, and proved that it was impossible for me to have caused the damages because there was no rain for the car to be driven in between the time of our incident and the time he got to the station. That was a good one actually. I might write more about that. That report also talked about how ridicules his story was in general, and specifically how his story about the cell phone, the police car that was supposedly behind us, the lack of witnesses, the story about what happened at the Police station were all garbage. Officially, they didn’t read that one either, though it did I think inspire Zaremba to change his story a little in an attempt to adjust to what I had said there. Anyway, that would be three.
Number four I wrote for the December 19th, upper court date I mentioned yesterday. It was never read. I rewrote that, and translated it into Polish, but the court didn’t want to hear it. So, in response to being ignored, I wrote another about Zaremba’s actions and about how road rage is a common thing for people under stress. After that, Using Zaremba’s testimonies from the court, I wrote how his story about my cutting in front of him took place 120 meters from the stop was physically impossible because of the speed we would be going and his estimate about his distance from the bus. How many is that? Seven I think… I also pointed out specifically how Zaremba had changed his story each time and that there was obvious that he was simply building his story as he went along, changing the details to fit presented evidence. Number eight was about what it was like to be tortured and kept for so many months for what were obviously contrived charges. I think I wrote another that was to be read in court- yes, I forgot about that one because they wouldn’t let me read it. That would make 9 and the appeal would be 10.
So, the point is that I have written so far 10 essays dealing with how ridiculous this whole situation is. I wrote these, but they weren’t worth a damn to the courts because they were too busy telling me that a witness who said that there had been indeed a second accident and that this is where the estimate for extra damages came from and another who refused officially to even remember anything were mutually complimentary to Zaremba’s story, compact and logical.
So, like I said, I have to write another. This one will be either read in court by me or presented to the court before hand. So I need I need to think about what I could possibly have said that that I have not said before.
I could point out that bringing in Jablonski, who had no real connection to the case, was a tactic which was used only to try and lessen the potential charges of perjury for having submitted the phony estimate in August. I am assuming that was what he was doing but I don’t really see how that does that because all it did was confirm the perjury… I actually can’t understand that one at all. Or for that matter why he would bother to call Jucha as a witness knowing full well he was going say he did not remember anything.
You see, this was Zaremba’s whole case. This was what he had brought to the table: His own Swiss cheese story and two guys who did nothing but confirm that he was in fact guilty as hell.
Why was this not enough to stop the case in December on the day they all talked? I went after Boris about this, and his explanation was the court had decided that I was guilty and that they were very, very unhappy with me because of MY behavior.
So what the hell am I supposed to write about.
Probably what would be a good idea is simply to make a little something confirming and restating the appeal. Hmmm…
Well, let’s take a look at the appeal… Give me a second….

Well that took longer than I thought. If you go to:
you can see the whole of the text I wrote for the court. Officially, there were 8 points for which I claimed the court was in error. None of them were procedural complaints, all were merit based. I think really there were like 10 points in all because one or two of the headings had multiple conclusions, if I remember correctly.
I guess tomorrow I will get into bit a little and try to get some words on paper.
Andm as a final word about all of the writing I have done about this, and all of my time that has been put into this, and all of the pain I have been through, and my friends and Tatyana and my family…
I just thought I would make this clear for those who may have forgotten.