Sunday, March 11, 2007

What a weekend…

This city document states that our garden plot, which has been maintained for fifty years, has got all of five days left
International women's day can take its toll, I tell you. Tanya tells me (over and over) that the tradition is for the men to do all of the housework, cooking and cleaning; this to go along with flower and cake buying, chocolates, teddy bears, etc… I got in the mood on Thursday morning but this is not the sort of mood that lasts. By the end of the day I was gnashing teeth and twisting the TV page. And then when she pointed out that in that very TV schedule the lineup seemed to indicate that the holiday was being extended over four days, I bolted.

But speaking of ruthless women, an even more aggravating piece of news came in the mail today. It is spring time, so this must mean that it is time for the annual harassment from the Doma Provlenye people. Ms. Molotchko is off Nazi-ing in another neighborhood and we now have no one to hate in person. However, this does not stop the DP, no sir. This remarkable piece of literature from them came in the mail with strawberries and spring flowers on the stamps. The text is rather simple:

    Notice: According to the new laws of keeping order around city properties, you must take away any private garages, storehouses and fences by the 15th of March. If you do not do this yourself, we will remove these things and charge the cost to you.

The note is signed by Ms. H.C. Gordeyeva. This is the same lady who last year promised that if we simply replaced the fences, there would be no more hassles. And of course, these are the same people who said that all we needed to do was paint the year before.

However, effectively this means that they are again threatening to take our garden which we have faithfully maintained for the last fifty years here.

I really have no idea why these people insist on bothering us but they always do. But also as always, we are going to fight them tooth and nail. I spoke to several of our people here in the apartment and we are going to have a talk with Ms. Gordeyeva this coming Monday.

For my part I really do not know why they bother with our pensioners. The old folks here really have nothing else to do but their gardening. Pulling the plug on them is like inviting them to die. Maybe that is their plan?

But in any case, this is the current situation. I promise I will keep you informed of all of the details.

But speaking of Nazi Pigthugs, it looks as though our man from New Zealand, Mr. Bruce Robinson might be getting out of Polish jail on March 30. In case you haven't followed, Bruce was an enjoiner working for an English company who constructed a public building in Poland which collapsed, killing 67 people. Though Bruce himself had really very little to do with the event, he was taken by the Polish authorities and has been held under temporary arrest in Poland for better than a year waiting for trial. They do this sort of thing there in Poland, don't you know.

Interesting thing about the Polish system; they are so slow (and corrupt, as we all know) that people are frightened to even begin to deal with them and straight away plead guilty rather than have to waist half their lives waiting for a non-existent justice. I am sure that this is great for the prosecutors, but it is hell for the Polish population. No wonder they all ran away.

And you know, isn't it ironic that it is the Poles who have screamed the loudest about Lukashenka holding political prisoners?

And speaking of the pot calling the kettle red, it seems as though in Poland now, all government employees as well as media people born before 1972 have got to deal with a little bit of paperwork as to their communist past. If they answer wrong, of if someone fingers them, they get fired.

This is all part of Poland new commie purge, which is supposed to be a feature of the new anti-corruption government. To me though this in itself reeks of exactly the sort of thing that Stalin did after the Second World War. Or of that is not a chilling enough though, how about it is similar to what happened to Polish Jews in 1939 when the Nazi's occupied Poland.

Explain to me again why exactly they were let into the European Union?

More soon…