Monday, March 24, 2008

Being Had:
465 pages of relentless insanity courtesy of the Polish judicial system...

On May 15th 2002, former New York City bike messenger Adam Goodman was attacked on the streets of Warsaw by an off duty cop. When he attempted to confront the cop for driving his car into him, a corrupt Polish legal system took his passport away and prosecuted him on false charges. Despite plain evidence that he was innocent and even more evidence that the police were using the situation as a means to extort money, he was nevertheless held without bail and made to stand trial- a process that lasted for a year.

BEING HAD follows Mr. Goodman's story from the moment of the original incident, through the inner workings of the Polish justice system and all the way to the end of the trial. The complete story of legal manipulation, corruption and deceit- all simply to avoid a corruption scandal has been captured in this unique book. BEING HAD is a non-stop odyssey about courage and conviction and a boundless and unquenchable desire of one man simply to do the right thing.

BEING HAD is a one-of-a-kind, insider perspective of Eastern Europe few would ever believe possible and a unique reading experience from beginning to end.

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