Sunday, February 01, 2004

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I have the "Angle Of The Car" essay up today. So now there are two of the three late essays I had written for the court up and public. You can read today’s Blog now, or you can go straight there by pressing “HERE”
I apologize to those of you to whom I have not written back over the last few days. I have only two excuses. The first is that I had to change mailboxes after Friday and yesterday I simply had too much to do to get to all of my mail. Some times I feel that too much is getting away from me, but I am trying.
One of those letters that I missed unfortunately came from my friend Ewa. This is the same Ewa that had translated all of the three late court essays. I wish I had gotten it yesterday because there were some personal things I wish I had read on time. Sometimes I really do think I am losing it.
But she said something in her letter I thought I would print here because I think it is as real a statement about this Blog and about all that I am doing.

“I checked your blog a week ago and I think it’s ok. You know I hate to talk with you about what my country had done to you but I think it’s just as sharp and clear as it should be. I know your right and it hurts me. It hurts in a way it hurts, when a kid starts to see his parents as ordinary people who make mistakes and aren’t perfect heroes like he thought. When you talk about how Poland destroyed your life I feel guilty like I have done all this by myself to you.”

I would like to say that though I have the strongest aversion to even setting foot in Poland that I think is possible to have, I do have strong feelings for some of the people who without payment, tried to help me deal with this court situation as it was happening. Ewa and her mother were two such people. I was invited to be a guest in their home and in their lives. I was made to feel at home and was cared for in a way I will never forget.
I often said that their little apartment was an island of love amidst a sea of scandal. I was told that I was not the first to say this.
But I believe that what I am doing is good for Poland in same way that a court might decide that stopping someone’s life might be justified in doing some social good. I want people to know what happened and what was said and done. I think it only fair that if a group of people can try to “expose” me as a criminal. I should be allowed to do the same. If my life can be ruined, so can theirs.
Read the essay. And yesterday's. And the next one which will be up there. And the testimonies. They had no problem doing this. None. None of this bothered them for a moment no matter how stupid and obvious it was.
So, I am pulling Santa’s phony beard off. I am laughing at the wires holding Superman up. Demystification. They said that the cops are always right in Poland. I ask why?
And if the things that you are reading in this web site are the reason why they are never wrong, IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM. It is time to change because if this is what The Polish does normally (and it believe this to be the case), then they are killing people with thier corruption and greed. And I am not just talking about American tourists here, but their own people. This cannot possible be what people in Poland pay their taxes for. Think about it.