Thursday, April 15, 2004


About the case…

It seems as though this getting information out of the courts is going to be harder than I thought. I actually succeeded in getting a letter into the dark and dank confines of their fortress, but of course responding to such a simple request such as being interested in what has been said about me is a little to straightforward for them to handle.

I got this letter back from a friend on the inside a day or so ago:

I don't have mail from the courts yet. I get your mail a week ago. What now??"

Now I mean THAT is pretty straightforward. I told them to be cool and reminded them that I had sent a backup request that also could be sent. I don't know why they need to be like this. I mean, we are all adults here. And more to the point WE ALL KNOW THAT THEY HAVE BEEN CAUGHT RED HANDED IN AN OUT AND OUT LIE. The cruelty is already out there for all to see, so I mean, I simply don't understand why they can't just get back to me in some sort of reasonable amount of time.

Anyway, in addition to this, I think it has become rather obvious that I am not blogging with the frequency that I had been. The reasons for this I have said already, but what I haven't mentioned is that I feel so much better. I really mean this, just sort of "letting this all go" has been a great refilled on my soul. I mean, there were so many things that I would have rather been doing that dealing on and on and on with Poland for god's sake. Anyway, I am in fact feeling much better and I am getting back into my old habits and my old avocations and I am feeling simply top notch because of it. And, though I really don't believe in any sort of fate driven connection, I am finding that my luck is in fact changing somewhat for the better.

So this mixed with the fine change of weather and some new friends makes for some really good feelings going around and this, I like very much. Not heaven, still damned hard to make a living and al, but better, much, much better.

And some small personal business:

I would like t send out a public acknowledgement of personal coolness to Kyle and Lena, two new and astoundingly wonderful friends whose acquaintance has brought nothing but light and cheer to my own. It is only a vague hope that I might be able to return the favor but you have got to know that I am going to try.

Yet another thank you to Mel Pinto Imports of Virginia. We just got the package from the states and are going to be putting what was inside it to very good use I can assure you.

A shout out to Paul, a rather interesting fellow and a fellow blogger who is making his way through eastern Europe and will be stopping into Belarus shortly for a visit. I think the possibility of conflicting stories is extremely imminent, His daily wisdoms can be found at

so I thought I better get the prep work done as soon as possible. All of you CIA/KGB/ SMERSH and Polish Justice Department types out there who filter through these daily essays searching for clues, hidden meanings and shit, get to try two separate sources for a few days I guess. How’s that for paranoia Drazek?

Happy birthday wishes are in order as well. Irene, Tatyana’s mom is celebrating a birthday on the 17th, and Victor her dad is having his about a week later. Very nice people and worthy of the acknowledgment and some good wishes.

And one small personal note:

Ewa, I am not taking back a gift; I just really love Led Zeppelin and have no other way to get to hear them!!!!!! Please understand me about this. And, hope all is cool and going smoothly out on the island…

More soon…