Friday, February 20, 2004


I hate not sleeping at night. Really I do. I can't even talk about what it is like. But, I said I would be here, and so I am here. And I said I would go on a bit with the ranting, and so I shall.

No news yet on the decision. Hope to have some shortly. And now back to the rant.

Today's topic:
An incredibly brief (and mildly interactive) history of the USSR

In November of 1917 an October Revolution was held in Russia. Tsar Nicholas II and the whole of his family were shot (But for Anastasia, she of course after having bribed a young soldier with the beauty of her virginal nakedness, managed to survive and lived out her life quite comfortably due to her shrewd business acumen in the sale of the rights to her life story to Hollywood) and Communist forces led by Vladimir Illiavich Ulyonov (V. I. Lenin) gained power and began to remake Russia, using Karl Marx's and Joseph Engels' vision of a paradise for workers as a guide.

Any happiness though that might have been experienced by the previously oppressed peoples of Russia was quickly distracted by the first "War To End All Wars" who's aftermath was a bountiful harvest for the western capitalists. There was a market boom on Wall Street and in the European markets after the war and the obnoxious outward pretentiousness of some of the now incredibly wealthy investors gave rise to a crop of artists (Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound) who had nothing better to do than to sit around and gab about how soulless everything was.

This was obviously a terrible hindrance to Lenin's plan of uniting all peoples in their quest for freedom from the oppression of those with enough money to actually do some oppressing. So, seeking the strongest hand it was possible to find, Lenin and the boys at the Kremlin decided on Joseph Stalin to take over the reigns of the vast, now overtly socialist empire after Lenin's demise. Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, (his original family name) was indeed not the sort of guy one should piss off, and with a complete disdain for anything even smacking of being out of line, slammed the doors on the outside world and molded the country into a strict, militaristically maintained and ideologically uniform state bereft of property, classicism or any other such hindrances to the human soul's need to remain close to the land.

His own people's occasional disagreements with the plan not withstanding, his worker's paradise came under fire in the 1930's with the coming of the second "War To End All Wars", when peace and tranquility down on the "eight time zone farm" was disturbed by Adolph Hitler's theologically guided Nazi forces (their ideology having something to do with their believe that their bloodlines dictated their ordination by God as being destined to be the world's ruling class) who, after tromping all over Europe and making a lot of people very, very, very unhappy in the process, decided to disregard any of the thousands of well written essays about Napoleon and what happened when he tried to go into Russia and attempted to assimilate the "sleeping bear" into the fold. The eastward march of the Nazis was stopped in Saint Petersburg (then Leningrad) at the cost of a few million lives or so, the dissipation of men and materials (and the entrance of the American forces into the battle) finally ending the "Thousand Year Reich" at year 13 or so.

However, freedom from the Nazi assault did not mean an opportunity for reinvestment in the great republic of the people because of the three things: The Atomic Bomb, some remaining hard feelings from the western capitalists about all of this bad press the USSR had continually made about "freeing oppressed people from being "Under The Heel" of the western capitalists" and other such thoughts that may actually have disturbed the minds of those they were busy oppressing, and that nobody trusted anybody anymore. So, instead of spending a lot of money on raising the general standard of living, art, parks, education and general all around happiness, both the west an the east set out to prove that they had not yet had enough of human misery, and began programs of accusing, trying and ruining the lives of anybody who might be somebody who could ever even had the potential for doing something or even associating with those "sorts" of people that might do something bad to the rest of us here on this side of the fence and at the same time, started investing heavily in the creation of an enormously large amount of very, very, VERY big bombs, who's existence it was said, was for the maintenance of peace. They called this the Cold War, and with the exception of a few days in the early sixties when Nikita Kruschev, John F Kennedy and Fidel Castro almost did work out the problems that had been hindering human self-extinction, it went on for about 45 years or so and was very, very good at making sure that everybody remained as paranoid as possible and that a lot of money that could have gone for the general standard of living, art, parks, education and general all around happiness, instead went for the aforementioned general uneasiness and unhappiness.

And unfortunately for the USSR, having spent so many trillions of dollars of their "general standard of living, art, parks, education and general all around happiness" money building up an unused life-on-earth-ending fireworks show that they thought they needed out of fear of, and to compete with, the west's own unused, life-on-earth-ending fireworks show, and with the weight of both a near life-on-earth-ending fireworks show at the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl as well as the weight of a lot of new but unexpected satellite driven advertising which had the power to actually get over the thousand mile border between east and west broadcasting out the message that everybody, and yes, even including communists, actually do indeed "want our MTV",the folks at the Polet Bureau finally decided to sell the farm in 1991. This decision had the effect of basically firing almost 200,000,000 people, sending each and every mother's son of them out into the world penniless to be exploited by the wealthy capitalists in any manor as those capitalists saw fit, and, in the process letting loose a remarkably direct group of former soviet citizens known as The Russian Mafia, who, rife with deep feelings of persecution and oppression and full of the spirit of both revolution and the joy of life in the new free marketplace, began the process of acquisition of wealth and exploitation as quickly as possible.

My personal opinion of the results of this series of events as far as the west is concerned, can be found by scrolling down and reading a few more of these daily blogs, and as far as Poland is concerned, by reading throughout the rest of this blog group.

Dedicated to Gerard Jones

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