Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The Painted Bird
by Jerzy Kosinski
A story of a young boy and his experiences while trying to survive at the end of World War II.

I have gotten several very cool pieces of mail I thought I would share here with you.


I really enjoy reading your blog about life in Belarus. While I
haven't spent four full years there, I was a Marine at the Embassy in the 90's
and got married there. I return every summer to see the family in Minsk
and Slutsk and various villages that they have spread themselves out in.

Your stories resonate with similar experiences that I have had, especially
the drunken interrogations by locals about "why you're here?" and all
conversations revolving around money. I hope someday to make Belarus
my permanent home as well, time will tell. I agree that many foreigners
have a limited understanding of what happend there, if only they came and saw
what a great place it is. I look forward to your next experience.

Down with Poland,


Dear Adam:
Your story of "being had" is unfortunately a sad one. I have been reading all the materials you sent and I am amazed that the US Consulate did not want to help nor get involved. So much for that.

You are "alone" and I am happy to know that you are a tenacious individual, which I believe to be a quality many people do not have or else, they just do not bother.

Just wanted to say "keep your chin up" some reward will come along. You are a writer, perhaps the reward will be there, perhaps soon.

My best wishes to the four of you,

Mel Pinto

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hi adam!

any news about your case and my money (3000pln)? Is there any chance
that you gonna give them back to me?



If a man is either a jew or a gypsy, a pole, a german,
a russian, a belarussian, or a ukrainian,

If a man is not clearly a member of these groups, but he
has powerful emotions towards them, such as love or hate......

He must at some point in his life, willingly let his emotional
guard down, and take this little boy by the hand and
walk with him through his jorney....

This same man must bravely keep his eyes open and his
primary innocence unguarded,,, if he is able....

After this same experience is over,,, if it ever really is....

This same man must return to his own real world and
undertake a logical and schoolarly examination of the actual
true life of Jerzy Kosinski,, his failures and triumphs,,,

And after all this is over and done.......

This man must attempt to be an excellent citizen of the world....

Michael Miller
May 28, 2006