Saturday, May 01, 2004


The blog about the upcoming trial date.

I have not been writing much lately. I know that this might be of some concern to some of my readers, specifically those who have some passing interest in my well being. I apologize for this, but to tell you the truth I have just become a little sick of blogging for free. I have been talking to Paul a lot lately, writing him letters about what I think of his adventures, and I began to think that a lot of what I was writing about was pretty gratuitously self- involved. I think at the beginning what I was trying to do was to make a point about the Polish court system and what they were doing to me. Now, I would say that there is a good chance that I made that point, even perhaps in some ways that were not intended, such as showing how being had by people with guns and a legal write to use them but who have no particular moral ethos to guide them can drive people crazy. But this was not all I was writing about and aside from the money spent at the internet putting these essays together; I am not convinced I made enough of an impact to justify the effort.

So I haven’t been writing much. However, during the last while a lot has indeed happened, specifically with what is going on with the courts.

Firstly, I have not as of yet gotten any copies of the minutes of the February 10th court meeting. I know for a fact that the court has received at least two letters requesting copies of the minutes to be sent out, but they have not as yet done anything about them. So, my dear friend Bruce has also stepped in and has gone to the courts personally, two more letters with my signature in hand. However, real or not, the court asked him to come back after both the Mayday celebration and the Constitution Day party on the third. That would make a good solid 90 days or so of trying, if my count I correct.

But, yet another friend has informed me that the court has decided to meet again on the 21st of May to talk about this appeal of mine. That would make it a bit more than a year since I turned in the piece of writing that was the appeal and a little more than two years since Zaremba decided to try and run me over with his car.

Slow you say? Well, I am not sure that I am going to go. There are several reason for this, amongst them the money for traveling, a rather healthy fear of being anywhere near Poland and a complete disbelief that there is any point in being there because of how little I believe they would even listen to anything I have had to say. I am sure you know what I mean. So, over the next few days I am going to be writing some things and setting up even yet a little more information about this court date, and even putting together my letter for the courts that will be, I would hope, read in my absence.

Interesting? I myself just had to stifle a yawn. Some Like It Hot is on TV in Russian. The title they use translates to “In Jazz is Only Girls”, referring I guess to the girls in the band. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon speak pretty good Russian (That is a joke) and Marilyn Monroe’s character’s name has been changed from Sugar to Dusheshka for obvious reasons if you know anything about Russian cuss words. Oh well…

So, stay tuned. There is a lot to say. Lots of stuff going on these days; the bike club, life in Pinsk, Motoball, The WTO in Warsaw, Tatiana Menaker’s letter, Paul’s Travels through Saint Petersburg, Mel Pinto’s latest contributions, growing potatoes and lot and lots of other cool stuff…

So, stay tuned. And till next time: More soon…