Thursday, February 19, 2004


We interrupt this ongoing rant…

True, true, true… I have been writing a lot of STUFF these last few days in the hope of making a wee small point. And what was that point? Well, to say it in such a way that it is not necessary to speak for three or four days in a row:

We in the world have not done a very good job of listening to each other over the last 25 years or so. And the results of all of this hysterical global stupidity we try to convince ourselves is simply a game, is a world to live in that no one in their right mind would have ever wanted to live in the first place.

Yea, I could have said that three days ago, but I have a social obligation to keep the faucet running here, so I took the long way around, Ok? I know, I know, we call this padding the wages in the trade, but I can’t see where I have any choice. Poland, in spite of my making the whole of their farce public as far as I can tell yet still refuses to pay for what they did. Therefore, because of the mess they made of my name and my life, I simply have no choice but to keep going in any way I can. And, I will keep going until every last person in the world knows about what they did, who they are and what they pass off on their own people as a justice system.

Am I sounding a little mad this morning? Well I am. Why? Well, I had a pretty good line set up for today’s rant. Something about the history of the world since the 1917 revolution: Two world wars, exploding population, the forty year threat of nuclear war and a change in the very nature of the sorts of people we admire… But I decided I am going to leave than until tomorrow. Why? Well, because I didn’t sleep at all last night. Read Hemingway in Russian till 4:30 before I was finally tired enough to crawl back into the bed. Too many things on my mind to allow for rest. What was it that prevented me from sleeping? Well, for starters Tatyana and I are right now looking at yet another tricky moment financially that is not showing itself to be easily solved. And this “situation” does not even include that we are already in February, which means that if I don’t find some real money very quickly this will be the third straight year I failed to get my doors open for the bike shop here. And then there is Tatyana’s health. She has been acting a little weird lately. There is and has always been so much pressure on Tatyana and me and there is simply never any real relief, but lately she has been a little sick in the mornings and she was complaining somewhat last night. Enough to keep you awake?

And them, to top it all off, this morning, eyes barely half open, I see that my friend in Poland who had originally told me that we had the courts decision, decided not to even write to me today in answer to my letter demanding an explanation concerning the courts decision from yesterday. This friend was the one who told me that the court had sent a decision with this note, way back on the 13th of February:

“I just opened my mailbox. I was out for a few days and I know you’re furious at me. Sorry, but you have to write and sign a request by yourself. They only send a notification what the court decided. If you want to have the transcription, you have to write and sign a paper for it.”

Did you read what that said? I did. I had asked them to write for me a note for the purposes of getting the transcripts from the court session of the 10th a little more quickly, and that is what they had said. So you know, trusting my friend at their word, I went ahead and printed that we had a decision here on the blogspot. Remember that? When they didn’t write back the next day, or the next, I wrote four times asking to be told what that decision was. Yesterday morning after six days, this was what I got in the mail:

“The decision hasn’t come yet. I’ve got few minutes so I thought I’ll write something. Thanks for …(-personal stuff-)……How are you? How do you feel? What’s up in Belarus? Except the lack of money… Or maybe a miracle has happened? I don’t know what to ask more about….”

You like that? I wrote four separate letters asking for what the decision was, and it took all of six days just to read what you just read. So, I wrote them back a rather hard letter yesterday telling them that I didn’t appreciate what I am seeing as a game, etc… And today, as of this moment- nothing. I thought I had a friend in Poland who was on my side. Wanna talk about games?

But you know what folks: This is exactly the same sort of crap I had to deal with while I was held in Poland E-V-E-R-Y D-A-Y for six hundred and something, something consecutive days. I had to sit there listening to garbage like this for 10 months while my friends and fiancée and I suffered because Poland decided to teach me that they had the power and the right to punish me for disliking an off duty cop’s assaulting me with his car. They laugh at how pleasurable it is to play games with people there…

Thanks buddy.

So, I guess we all can just wait a few more days. And perhaps we can just take this as an example all over again about how it works in Poland.

So, I will return to the rant tomorrow. And in the meantime, I hope that these 1113 words can suffice for today’s entertainment. I’ll get this stuff straightened out. And then as soon as I know, I’ll let you know what the courts had to say about my situation. Hell, it has been full eight months since I pointed out to them, and to you all, what a crock of crap their treatment of me was while I was in Poland. What’s a few more days, right?

I hope this was enough to “fill the gap” today. I never said I wanted to play Vegas. I just said I would tell the truth.

More tomorrow…