Sunday, November 12, 2006


By Michael Miller

I have just read the above article in the current BEING HAD Times, and as usual, I find Amnesty International's press releases to be nothing more than empty, pro-American propaganda.

I live in the United States and America has a problem. American men are treated as second class citizens by the US police and the US courts where the subject of "domestic violence" is concerned. Any woman in America can make any frivolous claim of violent abuse against her husband or boyfriend and he will be immediately arrested and often charged with abuse without any evidence being obtained by the police except for the woman's complaint.

This means that if any woman decides to slap or push or otherwise attack or harass her husband or boyfriend and he so much as pushes her away or tries to pull her away from blocking the exit to the home so he can leave, he can likely be arrested and treated as a common criminal by the police and the US courts.

It doesn't matter to the American police and the American justice system how many men have their lives ruined by these policies. It doesn't matter to them that American society as a whole is being poisoned by this situation and that a level of corruption exists now in which men are used as scapegoats and targets for any and every erroneous and spiteful false charge that comes along. Many conniving and ethically vacuous women have come to understand this situation and manipulate the legal system to vindictively punish and harass their partner when the romance dies or from desire from control.

This sad state of affairs here in America should be studied and our costly mistakes learned from. The civil authorities in Belarus or any other country should carefully learn from our American "failed domestic violence policies" and take pains to not copy them in any way. America should be considered by the world as a giant laboratory of what happens to a society when "democracy" isn't effective in controlling runaway false liberal policies against men.

As citizens of the world, we should be engaged in clever and effective social engineering to help these dreams become reality. I don't wish for my daughter to be a first class citizen in the eyes of her country, and my son to be only a second class target in the same country.

I read the amnesty international article about Belarusian domestic abuse, and I would like to say that the common citizens of Belarus as well as Belarusian civil authorities should guard themselves against adopting any new legislation that will allow male Belarusians to become second class citizens in their own country. Belarus should not allow herself to be pressured into trading for new legislation inspired by any American model in this subject. In this situation, we have done nothing to be proud of and have done nothing but to build a system based upon paranoia and one sided, biased and often untruthful rhetoric.

Certainly domestic violence is unconsionable, any use of violence as a manner of solving problems is, but the US system is in no way a fit role model for how to deal with it and that Amnesty international says that it is, simply doesn't work for me.

Michael Miller