Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Short Blog today…

Saturday and Sunday were long days up at the farm and yesterday was blood tests (and rest) for the bureaucratic deal. Do I have AIDS or tuberculosis? No I do not, so this should be OK. I am having problems with the pickles and this will be the main thing I am going to be working on today when I go up. I am also writing an article about the local Chabad Chasidic group here. They run a Jewish school and are working to reinvigorate the Jewish faith here as in hundreds of communities around the former Soviet Union. So, you will be hearing a bit more about them in the near future. And I am waiting for a response from the US Embassy for a letter I wrote to them. Wrote to them Friday afternoon and still haven’t heard from them yet. And while I am speaking about the US Embassy, a good friend of mine has a wife who is Belarusian and her mother and brother just got denied a visa to come for a visit. What exactly is the US policy towards Belarus these days? A good question and worthy of some discussion.

Anyway, these and life after Being Had in general are in the hopper.

So stay tuned.