Thursday, May 13, 2004



Well, we are down to the last ten days before the court hearing today. I get the feeling that Belarus might just be into my stuff about now. I say this because there was just a “special report” on Belarusian television about the courts in Poland, specifically how there are no “ real” lawyers there any more because of extreme nepotism. That’s right nepotism. According to the article, the few slots that actually are available for new lawyers in the Polish system get taken up solely by those with inside connections or that come specifically from other lawyers families. I am not going t explain nepotism to those of you out there who don’t understand the word, or about the idea of finding yet another way to not give a damn about your job or your service to the community. Nepotism? You like that? I do. Nice reporting guys. Could probably do several months worth of reports on the lazy, blind bastards. Who was that reporter? I wanna drink with that one!!!

So I have a few small things left to send over there before the 21st and then there will be nothing to do but wait and see if it isn’t possible to finally get some texts for ya’ll to read. But, for today, I am going to try and do a little experiment. I learned this trick from Sir Paul during some of his last moments here in Bela-russia. And, I if I am not mistaken, we now have photo’s. woo hoo! I am not sure how I am going to set this up permanently or what photos I will add to all of this, but for now, I would like to try and show you something that I hope will illustrate a point I have been trying to make for, oh, about two years now.

So without further ado, let me show you something really interesting. This my friends is Zaremba’s car from a picture taken on May 15th, 2002, the day he started all of this misery by driving into me:

Now, if the first thing that you were to think was that compared to the story that was told about incident by Zaremba, that there seems to be relatively no damage to this 6 year old car, that would be true. But delving into the subtleties for a moment. I would like to talk a bit about the hood of the car.

If you were to go and have a look over at THE ANNOTATED COURT TESTIMONIES, I would like it if you would please take a look at item #6: the report made of the car by the police on May 15th.

The list of damages catalogued by the police inspector on that day was pretty much in line with what you see here; specifically he notes only about the hood (item 16) only that he has found fingerprints there, this comes just after the words “there are no other damages."
There were no damages to the hood.

Now though, have a look again at the court documents, specifically Item #9 “The following are the items that were fixed and/or replaced sometime at the end of June.” #19 on this list shows that the hood was replaced as a part of Jablonski's work. Interesting? Why did they replace the hood? Well, if you have a look next at what Jablonski himself had to say (Joblonski's testimony was #15):

“There was also that the front mask (hood) was damaged, it was crooked in the middle. In the middle of the mask were waves and it looks like it was crooked.”, “Broken front light and a crooked mask(hood) in the front were caused by a car accident about which was told to me by Zaremba. The accident happened just before my buying the car. I bought that car in June or July of this year Zaremba told me something about the car hitting something. Broken front light and a crooked mask in the front were caused by a car accident about which was told to me by Zaremba.” And “The bumper was cracked, and the front mask and I think the left wheel cover.”

So, by the time that Zaremba made this second estimate, there had in fact been this other accident. Judge Zurowska told us that it was to her quite difficult to differentiate between what damages might have been caused by me and those that existed on Zaremba’s car as a result of other accidents.

But you see, just before Jablonski told us about that accident, this is exactly what Zaremba had to say:

From #13 Zaremba’s testimony to the courts:

Statement 23 “He shouted a few more sentences, but a lot quieter, he left my door, he went in front of the car, and in his way. He pushed the rear view mirror and standing in front of the Renault, he leaned with all his body, like he was throwing himself on the front of my car, directly on the hood.”

and number 69. “…As a result of the events of the 15th of May the following was damaged: A small flaw on right back mudguard and right back door. An indent to the right of the front mudguard, an indent and unhinging of the cover of the engine…”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… are you feeling me today?

So the point is not whether or not Zaremba lied, it is that they let the guy do it, helped him long and set about to wreck my life and torture me while they were ding it. 10 months they made me sit there.

Now, tell me again about those eastern European travel plans...

More soon…