Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Just a short note today of thanks for all of you who wrote in and commented. I had no idea I was looking at such a responce when I aksed for it. Thank you, thank and thank you.

I did not publish a new gazzette last night. The resons for this are simply that I wished that this last one, the one about the news laws passed by Belarus which allow for prison terms for disagreeing with the government to stay there a little while longer and be the center of attention. This is also why there is no "story" here on this space today either.

If you are checking in for the first time, please click HERE to go over to the BEING HAD Times site and at the end of the day’s eddition, please leave a comment if for no other reason than to show that you can.

This is a huge moment in local history and in modern history as well if we are speaking about human rights.

Again thank all of you for writing. I will do my best to get all of the letters and comments answered by the end of the day tomorrow. And for those of you who gave money, I will try and be as fast as I can about getting your up ads and memorials up and onto the web.