Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I have decided that there simply needs to be more nekkid pictures on this blog.

I swear, I have never been so happy to look back at something I had written. I don’t know though., I think I would be hard pressed to keep coming up with excuses for doing it. Let’s see…

We did some shopping yesterday. I bought a new shirt for myself and Tatyana saw in the women’s underwear section a g-string that looked pretty much like the one Yulia Chepalova, the Olympic skiing star who went nekkid for playboy magazine was wearing in her nekkid photo.
“Oh, I don’t like that one.” She said and then we went on to a different section.

Or maybe something like:

I was talking to Misha in the village and he said to me like “chqrfh mkrhfoq mjrhfo hmkrjfh orh.” He mumbles a lot, you know. And I said, are you talking about Svetlana Khorkina the Russian gymnastics champion who made that great nekkid picture?

“Nyet” he said. “sprjhrf mamrg bmreru shisher mokdjrg dyhrujd.”

“Oh, you want to go and buy a bottle of wine…” I never understand him when he talks.

Oh, I am so tired. This news page is really hard to get a hold of. It is all a learning curve for sure, but it I so weird having to do all of this under the time constrains t the cheap internet hours. I am getting better I think. And I understand a lot more about what sorts of things you can do and what you can’t, but the figuring-out part just seems to take forever.

(A break in the thought: The plumbers just showed up. Apparently there is a leak somewhere between our kitchen and Nina’s kitchen downstairs. We can’t see it at the moment, but if we let the sink or the bath overflow, the water goes straight into Nina’s apartment, just as it has done for the last fifty one years. They were only here for a moment, checking the exposed pipes with a flashlight. I guess they’re going to snake the pipes and will be back in a half hour or so. Or of course, so they say. Plumbers are universally… ah... plumbers. Anyway, back to the thought…)

And there are mistakes that occur not because you do something wrong, but rather because the computer reads the situation differently from how you anticipated it. For example, last night I was changing some templates around, so as to accommodate a photo at the top such as the one you see here. I also wanted to add some links and this sort of thing. Anyway, I did everything in a way that I thought was correct, but for some reason, all of the links and my profile all ended up at the end f the page. Now why did that happen? I went through the text of the blogger template and found what I thought was an answer and simply dropped all of my information there. Well, this produced something that wasn’t unpleasing t the eye, but it till wasn’t what I was looking for. But then, after spending 20 minutes looking through blogger for a potential answer, a thought struck me: That logo I made for the news page does seem to be a little big for the page. I wonder of this has anything to do with how weird my page looks. And this turned out to be the problem. I simply uploaded the picture again in a slightly smaller format, and all was smooth. But like I said, you live and learn.

I am hoping to be able to contain the amount of time necessary to get all of my stuff together on a day to day basis. I know this will come with practice and experience, but at the moment it is taking me all night just to keep up and this isn’t good. Last night was a really bad example though. I offered to few news sources, did not finish editing the links, did not get to my edit of the HOMEPAGE or the OVERVIEW page… In fact I didn’t even get to write this blog on time.

Too much work. Too much work.

I just took a quick break, had a shower and Tanya brought me a big cup of apple compote packed with ice. Just perfect, really. Do you know compote? It is basically just fruit boiled in water and laced with sugar. Really simple and a staple of the Belarusian diet because of its combination of being cheap, giving you a reason to boil the crap out of the tap water and being something a little sweet to drink. Normally they drink it here warm, just like they drink beer but for me, I like it Po-Amercanski with a ton of ice. And, because we use a bowl to freeze the water rather than an ice-cube tray, I get massive, Titanic-sinking chunks in my compote which really works for me.

What else? Please have a look at the new logos on the HOMEPAGE, the The STORY page (how is that for English?), and of course, here. I don’t know, I kinda like them. And probably by tomorrow I will have all of the links edited and the bugs worked out. Also I’m thinking that I will lean toward oppositionist news for tomorrow, which of course should include some more opinion. All interesting stuff, I am sure.

And other than this I think all I have to worry about now are the beans which are just turning brown This color change means they are ready to be taken, as are the cabbages. And if this is happening, that means that the beats, the pop corn (remember that?), the plowing, laying shit for next years garlic, planting said garlic and buttoning up the field for the winder is just around the corner as well. Such a life indeed. A farmer’s work is never done.

A farmer’s work is never done. Where did I first hear that phrase? I remember a sports coach walking around and saying that a lot one day. This was when I was maybe 10 or 12. Soccer camp, I think it was. Over at Stanford University. Or was it little league? I don’t remember. Only that he said that a farmer’s work was never done, over and over and over. Now it is thirty years later and I finally see what he means. A farmer’s work is never done. I suppose that is why some people like to be farmers. You would think we would get a bit more respect from the world than we do. But I guess that is food for some other blog.

I am not going to give the usual tag close this time because as of tomorrow, I am assuming that all of the links will be in place and they will no longer be needed. Ah such luxury. And so ah… um… well, I don’t really know what to say. Um… Thanks for reading me and... well… you know, ok… bye.

More soon…