Sunday, September 11, 2005

Pictures of naked former olympic athletes.

Yulia Bordovskikh (Russia), basketball

I had an argumnent with Tatyana over this one. I have launched this new “news” page, and I have been tryin to come to grips not oly with the technical nessesities of putting together such a thing, but also with the editorial content. I hate to admit this but I really did not think too much of this when I had the idea to start this thing. Don’t get me wrong, I understood that I would be picking and choosing the content and that obviously this would eventually reflect my personal opinions, but I hadn’t really thought of the nessesity to establish this right from the get go. And one such case in point were those pictures.

Now first of all, These pictures are out there because another journal (this of course speaks of “The BEING HAD Times” rather respectfully) decided that a bit of reasonably tame erotica was good for business. They are not the first to think of this, nor by a long shot will they be the last. And I found these things and they were sort of listed under sport or entertainment or the were just there under a heading for kinky photos that the journal was willing to print. And I copied them and printed them and now you can have a look and check them out.

But like I said, Tatyana was completely against this. She told me that it would completely unravel any credibility I might have otherwise had. I tried to tell her that credible is as credible does but in the end has nothing to do with how many people would be willing to sit and read my writing for 15 minutes a day.

This argument though goes back a ways. There was a time during the time when I was working on the first draft of the book BEING HAD. When I dealt with the telling of a couple of sexual episodes I had along the way. At first, I thought that there was no nessesity for this and that the book was about my beng confined to Poland for about a year because a policeman decided that corruption was a better means of personal lively hood thaan public service. But at that time Tatyana said I should feel free to recount these trists as they would have value in attracting readers. People like sex and making them feel sexy is a sure way to get them to come back.

But now she has gone the other direction. These pictures are pure foolishness and would detract from an otherwise serious document.

I frankly just did not know which way to go on the issues so I went ahead and posted the naked photos of some former olympic atheletes in my Sports” section. And you can go there and have a look and see them. If you like. And if this detracts from my over-all story, well, I don’t know what I am supposed to do about this. If is does, I am sorry. But maybe it will have a positive effect. Just like putting up more pictures in general will have a positive effect. And this is what I really want. And more raders. Why not? A good looking site is a good looing site…

And I am havng another similar quandry about posting some up-coming chapters of the book BEING HAD for the same reason. There is sexual content there n I am simply not so sure that this is what I want to do or not. I mean, maybe I can just pass over those chapters, be more prurient about things, and stay with the hard and cold facts. I mean, you don’t want something like this on your web screan do you?

There were now lots of students milling around now in the corridors. Mostly females it seemed. On the third floor, across the hall from Uladsimir’s room, two young girls were talking in the doorway. One of them was wearing a blue silk teddy and was hanging onto the door while speaking to her friend. She smiled at me when she caught me looking. “Are you one of our English teachers?” she asked in English. She had long dark hair and smooth long legs. I ran through a series of potential things to say and then admitted that I was only here with a friend. She smiled again and I asked her how she knew I spoke English. She said that this was the normal place for the Belarusian teachers of English to live. There were several others living here as well. “Maybe you should teach here.” I couldn’t help my eyes from wandering. “We need good teachers.”

Such a quandary…

So anyway, I did it and it is there. And there is still a lot of work to do to make this post and that post better and more interesting and more… participatory. But I am trying. Let’s see how it goes.

Oh, and by the way, here are a couple more “Sports” pictures for today. And that girl in the corridor; she looked something like this.

17-year-old Maria Sharapova won the women’s singles at Wimbledon over top-seeded favorite, American Serena Williams

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