Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Children's poems #1

I met a dog

I met a dog
On the street one day
He danced and jumped
And wanted to play

I threw a stick
And watched him swim
And thought about if
My mother would like him

My mother was nice
But sometimes not so
Would she let him stay with us?
Or make him go?

The dog was funny
I named him “Fleas”
Because he was always scratching
And he sniffed all the trees.

We played all day
The dog was a winner
And he followed me home
When it was time for dinner.

But there was mamma
Standing at the door
And she asked why I brought
That dog home for

I said that I liked him
I asked if he could stay
I promised to feed him
He would not be in the way

And my mom just smiled
And started to laugh
And said that I’d better
First give him a bath

I will I said
I’ll do it right away
I was so happy
That mom let him stay

But I forgot that evening
To give him that bath
And in the morning my mamma
Again started to laugh

She laughed at the red spots
That were all over me
You named that dog well, she said
He gave you his fleas.