Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Fighting the system…

So as I said, I asked my friend to go to the courts to try and get those pesky minutes from the February court session. You would think that the court would be obliging about letting a guy know what is being said about him, but this is simply not the case. Two letters sent requesting that copies of the minutes be sent were ignored and now from my friend, I got this:

“Went to the saad (court) today. was sent to other near U.S. Embassy. 6th floor then 4th floor, 422 then 408. Found file, I think, but (the court) won't give it to "barer of letter", must be to specific name, mine, and I have to have my passport with me which I did, no problem, but Barer isn't my name. But; I could go to your lawyer and he can get it (maybe) so I have to go back tomorrow because is only open 17:00 to 18:00 Monday and Wednesday! Now those are Office hours to beat any banker's!”

You like this? What is a guy supposed to do?

So anyway, it is getting to be about that time and so I have been playing with the draft of the letter I am planning on sending o the courts to be read on the day of the trial. I do not think I will be going; all of those reasons too oft said to repeat here. Anyway, here is a copy of the letter I have got so far. I am not sure if this will be the finished copy or not, but it is something:

I am writing this letter to courts because of the possibility that I will not be able to come and be a part of he situation due to financial limitations that make traveling prohibitive. I have also been made painfully aware that anything I write, no matter how public might be ignored by the courts. Nevertheless, as I have no faith or trust in any court appointed attorney and have no knowledge that one even represents me at this time, I am writing today for perhaps the 10th time in the hopes of making myself as clear as possible.

Over two years ago I visited Warsaw for about a week for the purposes of both gaining a new visa for Belarus and finding if there was some money from friends and family to try and start a small business there. My reasons for doing so were simply because I had begun a serious relationship with a woman in Belarus and I wanted to be able stay. On May 15th, on my last day in Warsaw and with train ticket and new visa in hand, Tomas Zaremba ran into me with his car and then skidded to a stop in front of me, pinning me to a bus. It was an outrageous attack and one I reacted to by hitting him in face and then going to the police. Mr Zaremba then followed me to the police station and told a story about how I arbitrarily and without cause beat his car with my hands, causing severe damages- in fact, that I was responsible for all of the damages that were ever on his car as well as for several broken teeth.

Tomas Zaremba was lying. We all know this. Anybody can see this. How do we know?

1. He told Tomas Jucha the arresting officer at the scene a story that sounded a lot like my own and then changed the story, creating an alternative (and physically impossible) driving situation when he came to the desk at the police station.
2. He lied about having broken teeth; the medical report verifies this
3. He lied about there having been no previous damages to his car, withholding this evidence from the investigation about a previous accident in January for over six months.
4. The original chares c;laoimed there would be at least one witness, though none were brought forward (Of the two witnesses he did call, one purposely refused to officially remember and the other only confirmed that the lone official estimate consisted of damages caused after a subsequent crash that occurred six weeks later.)- and this even though he claimed in his testimony the presence of a Police car which certainly should have been able to see the whole thing.
5. Zaremba charged me for damages incurred from that second accident as well, changing his story yet again to try and justify these lies even though the pictures of his and accounting of the damages on his car taken on May 15th prove that he was making up a story.

It is also equally as obvious that the court knew he was lying. And on this count, that they made me stay in Poland for over 10 months, paying for my stay out of my own pocket and suffering further losses could be classified as simply sadistic.

And so for some reason, the judicial system of Poland decided to attack me rather than deal with either the personal problems or the gross criminal disregard for safety and/or propriety of one of its policemen. The result of this attack, which has now been going on for over two years, is that all of my original plans to do business in Belarus have been made impossible. Making me stay in Poland because of what are obvious lies, cost me all of the available money I had for that enterprise and all of my credit and “face”. Continuing the process, even after it had become obvious that Tomas Zaremba was and had been lying from the first minute has made even potential new opportunities to help, contribute and to be a part of the community I wanted to be in more difficult than it ever had t be. What the polish judicial system has knowingly done to me has been without cause, irresponsible and reprehensible. It has been a crime.

I am quite sure that court is aware that I have made all of the documents of this case public. I have also written a book about my ordeal and published it for free over the internet. And I have been working to make the case as a whole as public as possible over the last year. I have done so to help force the system that has been torturing me out of the shadows and to help others who would be similarly assaulted within your jurisdiction.

There was no justice served anywhere in this case over the last two years. I am demanding that the following things happen today in this case:

1. The judgment reversed.
2. Criminal charges are pressed against Tomas Zaremba.
3. Censures made against those in the judicial system who knowingly aided this farce along.
4. A public apology made
5. Restitution and punitive damages paid.
The pain that has been caused to my life and the lives of my friends, partners and family are outrageously extensive. There was no humor in this, there was no good that came of it, there were no lessons learned and no justice served; the prosecution of this case did nothing but make clear the level of corruption and irresponsibility of the Polish judicial system.

Damn I wish I had more time but I don’t. Too many things going on, too much to do.
And you know, all I wanted to do was to sell some bikes…
More soon…

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