Monday, August 22, 2005

Yahoo Baby!

Just a quick addition to today’s blog.

Did you know that I am listed on Yahoo? Yes I am. Both the homepage and the daily blog have been linked to that great search engine. However, aside from being able to go there through searches for the Being Had Homepage or Being Had- The Story, apparently, you can also find me by typing in the search words “jewish girl asshole raped story” I suppose I can see an oblique connection to some of the words…

(And just to be fair, I am also the number 1 and 2 entries under he search :'Adam Goodman, Belarus' or 'Pod kablukom', both of which work just for me , thank you very much.)

How do I know this? Well, I put a stat counter in on some of my pages to see what kind of traffic I am getting. I had never done this before and had relied on direct e-mail contacts as a guage of the volume of my readership. But I sort of took a cue from Malkovich and his new blog and decided to get some new numbers. Anyway, while reading through my log, I noticed that this is how one of my new readers found me. Well, for you my friend, whoever you are, (Yes, you are still anonymous ) and for that matter for all of you out there who are interested in jewish-girl-asshole-raped-stories, welcome to Being Had.

Please read on for today’s real entry.


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