Monday, November 20, 2006

Revolution #687...

I would like to comment on Mike Miller's comment about the TOL Blogs article from Intravenous about the government taking the job of dressing its citizens upon itself in Minsk.

Mike Miller is pretty unidirectional in his love for Belarus, this we can see. But he does have a way of getting to the heart of the matter. Pointing out that the author for the article was being… pissy, is absolutely on the ball. Firstly, what was the point of this article? That the writer doesn't like the Lukashenka regime and therefore everything they do is a joke? Ok, this is not what they would call constructive criticism, but we do have freedom of speech, in case you didn't notice, which means guys like Intravenous can go up and say whatever they want- as can Michael Miller… As can me. Nobhody blocked any of us out, did they?

But let me ask you Mr. Intravenous? What is the difference between the Lukashenka regime putting out a line of clothing for young people and K-mart or Yves St. Laurent putting out a line of clothing? In both cases you have one group of people telling another group of people what to think, what is right and what is (obviously) fashionable. And in both cases, people have the "choice" to agree or not to agree- and whether or not they can afford it.

But the difference here is what Minsk would be offering is not only another clothing line, but a clothing line which was made in Belarus, by Belarusian workers for Belarusian students. This clothing would not be cheap knockoffs from China or Turkey, it would be homegrown and because of this couild be worn with pride. And don't kid yourselves into thinking that Lukashenka is sitting there at night sketch-padding lanky women in various pastels for next year's line; the designers would be the same people who direct the textile factories now, or, would be from the design schools (Ever think of that?). And, because having people buy them is what it is all about, the fashion choices themselves would be market driven! Can you see what I am getting at? On the one hand, no, Belarus does not have to cow-tow to freaky-deaky Euro trash fashions, Belarus can dress itself. On the other hand, the proffits stay here and remain in circulation rather than leaving the country. Come on man, this isn't dictatorial folly, this is straight out of Gandhi's book of how to peacefully protest an unwanted regime by proving self sufficiency.

And this same principle applies to the soviet cuisine party. Soviet culture was self reliance my friend. Not money, doing it yourself with minimal resources. You bet there was a culture here. It was all straight from the land. They made everything themselves, remember: Working together for the good of all, working by hand, the hammer and the cycle; from those who have to those who need. Why not celebrate it. 83% of the people here agreed that they liked it! What's the problem aready? Live a little. Enjoy what is out there. This is not blind conformity, it is working together for a common goal: Better lives for Belarusians rather then another swimming pool for a carpetbagging English banker.

Intravenous is guilty here of exactly the sort of thing that killed Milinkevich in the elections: He has nothing real to say and nothing real to add. It is a great and vast misfortune that he vast majority of the "Belarusian opposition" is made of what people call rebellious youth. They are the same people who would spend their time stirring up shit anywhere in the hope of an anarchistic change that would somehow leave them being able to sit around on their lazy, corrupt asses and have other people work for them. I say get a job and do the best you can. I know lots of people who wish they had it better- this is in America and it is here. If you want to be a voice in your country, start speaking TO the regime about the problems. We have lots of students going this way, believe me we do. And they work their buts off every day trying to get ahead. And amazingly enough, the regime likes these sorts of young people. Go figure. The big bad regime likes workers and not empty headed malcontents and so does everyone else (well, at least 83%) in this country.

Just apply for your visa and go wait tables in Italy, or pick apples in Poland or stand on the street and let German queers take you home. I live here and I work here and I like how it is- well, I like that it can get better, and I like the fact that the people who are here and are working here are trying to make it better. Would I buy the clothes? I already do- and the food from the locals and the local colas and bread and the local vodka, every time. Grow up. Try helping sometime and see where it gets you. And lose the complaining. Whining and bitching only got you 17 percent of the vote. Try finding helpful solutions for the working 83% and see where that gets you.


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