Friday, April 13, 2007

Big 300…

The damages, they said, could have been caused by a hand...
Just a quick thought here on Friday afternoon. I just published my 300th story for the Polish Police and Administrative Corruption blog.

300 separate cases of Polish misdealings which have been reported in the media.

I also got a letter from Sebastian Kornhauser, a man who knows about Poland by the way, that told me there is a database about human rights violations and that by searching simply under Poland, one can find 365 entries.

Kind of makes you think, doesn't it?

When I was amidst my monkey trial the prosecution came up with this slicker than a banana peal idea that all they needed to prove my guilt was to have an expert say that the damage done to Zaremba's car "could have been done by a hand." Not MY hand mind you, any hand.

They disregarded the previous damages which could have been tracked through the insurance company. They disregarded that Zaremba turned in an estimate of damages made after even yet another crash six weeks after our encounter. They disregarded how many times Zaremba changed his story or that HOW he changed his story further and further incriminated him. They even disregarded that the prosecution got the case into the courts by claiming they had a witness, which they never did. And they disregarded all of my evidence that said as loud as it was possible to make it that the whole case was torture.

But really, as long as at least some of the damages could have been caused by a hand, this would be enough to hold me for a year.

Well, here is what I have to say today: I JUST PUBLISHED MY 300TH ENTRY ON THE POLISH POLICE AND ADMINISTRATIVE CORRUPTION PAGE. Three hundred seperate cases!

So I ask you: Would say, after reading three hundred separate entries of Polish scandal, corruption and crime; articles about fallen priests, ambulence drivers killing still living people so that they can sell their corpses, the wife of the president accepting bribes, and that even their football refereees can't be trusted- After all of this and finding out that there are 365 separate complaints of human rights abuses in Poland, would you say that IT IS POSSIBLE that the crimes I have described could have been committed by the Polish judicial system?

Please people, help me shine the light on them. It has got to happen.

More soon…