Sunday, July 08, 2007

Brief farm update…

Hard to say what the nature of the damage really is up at the farm According to Tanya who was there hanging paper today, at least 25% of our vegetables are under water. She said the pickles, peppers, some of the eggplants and good number of the cabbages were in danger of becoming rancid, which is the result of not being able to breathe. No trees have fallen, for what this is worth, but the ground water seems to be so high that the well is almost at ground level. If this is an accurate report, we have just had a disaster. My first thought though was that Tanya overestimates the actual catastrophic value of things like some people breath. As a for instance, we have some hot peppers in the garden near the house and exactly one of them actually fell over and stayed down, the rest all managed to find their way back to a reasonably straight standing position. However, in a subsequent phone call to her mother, herself a hysteric high priestess from the old school, Tanya went on and on about it as if she had been surveying the aftermath of the Second World War by zeppelin! So what I am saying is that possibly, the real damage is not really as serious as Tanya would like to have me believe. But then again we did have a water problem two years ago and all of our potatoes which had been planted at the far end of the field were underwater for two weeks as a result of similar rains and ended up to be about the size of ping pong balls come harvest as a result. And we had two tress fall down at that time as well. So, I don't know, maybe I should have planted some rice as a contingency. I guess we will find out for sure come Tuesday. Stay tuned.

More soon…


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