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November 7th celebrates the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution

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The October Revolution in Russia, also known as the Bolshevik Revolution, is a coup d'état traditionally dated to October 25, 1917 (November 7, N.S.). [1] It was the second phase of the overall Russian Revolution of 1917, after the February Revolution of the same year. The October Revolution overthrew the Russian Provisional Government and gave the power to the Soviets dominated by Bolsheviks. It was followed by the Russian Civil War (1917–1922) and the creation of the Soviet Union in 1922.

The revolution was led by the Bolsheviks[1] with the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries and anarchists. Bolshevik troops began the takeover of government buildings on October 24;[1] however October 25 was the date when the Winter Palace (the seat of the Provisional government located in Petrograd, then capital of Russia), was captured.

Initially, the event was referred to as the October uprising (Октябрьский переворот) or the Uprising of 25th, as seen in contemporary documents (for example, in the first editions of Lenin's complete works). With time, the term October Revolution came into use, the event seen as of major importance.

The Great October Socialist Revolution (Russian: Великая Октябрьская социалистическая революция, Velikaya Oktyabr'skaya sotsialisticheskaya revolyutsiya) was the official name for the October Revolution in the Soviet Union since the 10th anniversary of the Revolution in 1927. Today this name is used mainly by Russian Communists.


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