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Letter from Brianna Lawson…

Got a letter from Brianne Lawson, who is the sister of the late Aaron Lawson, a US Marine who was killed under mysterious circumstances in Warsaw, Poland, last January. In her letter, she tells of evidence which would seem to point towards Aarons then girlfriend and her two brothers. Police however, have been either unwilling or unable to move on the case. I am printing the letter here along with some backtracking links.

Hey Adam,

I am sorry that it has taken me a while to get back to you. I have been trying to pull some things together to give you a better story.

Do you know of any contacts in Poland's or Warsaw's Newspaper's? I am trying to get an article printed there, but perhaps it is worthless.

This is a news story about my brother from WJZ in Baltimore.

Note: The original internet article is available online on the Polish Police and Administrative Corruption page (See HERE).

Family Wants Answers In Marine's Suspicious Death

From: (two videos...)
Aaron Lawson, 28, died mysteriously in Poland eight months ago. Bruises marked the Marine reservist's head, neck, arms and legs.
An Anne Arundel family is on a crusade after their son, who served as a Marine, mysteriously died overseas.

Mary Bubala has reaction from family members who say he was murdered.

The family says medical reports show their son was beaten to death. But nearly a year later, foreign police refuse to search for a killer.

Loretta Lawson-Munsey has a heart full of steely determination--to get justice for her oldest son.

Aaron Lawson, 28, died mysteriously in Poland eight months ago. Bruises marked the Marine reservist's head, neck, arms and legs.

"He was a good guy, and he didn't deserve this," said Lawson-Munsey.

Nearly a year later, his family has virtually no answers about how Aaron died or why.

Polish police have ruled his death an accident, though the medical examiner's report shows Aaron likely died from blunt trauma.

"The police still won't rule it as a homicide," said Matthew Lawson, Aaron Lawson's father.

"I did a horrible thing. I took pictures of my dead son with the funeral director showing me his marks because I knew someone killed my son," said Lawson-Muncey.

The Lawsons have made repeated pleas to the U.S. Embassy in Poland, the Marine Corps, the FBI and Congress for help.

They believe Aaron was the victim of a Polish Mafia hit possibly because he befriended a young woman who had Mafia ties and tried to help her leave.

"To them Aaron was just some guy on the street that may or may not have gotten in the way of their business and to us he was so much more," said Sam White, Aaron's best friend.

The circumstances surrounding Aaron Lawson's death are a source of endless pain and bitter frustration for his parents who want nothing more than justice for their oldest child.

"We just want somebody to help us. We want somebody that may know help," said Lawson-Muncey.

Police in Poland do not answer to the victims' families so the Lawsons are unable to communicate. They're currently working with Maryland Congressman Wayne Gilchrest to hopefully get some answers about how their son died.

Police records show Aaron Lawson's bank account was drained within hours of his death.
So here is what we have thus far. Please let me know if any of this makes sense.

When Joanna (Aaron's girlfriend in Poland) was initially interviewed by Polish police she said she had no idea that Aaron was coming into town April 20th. She also said she spent the night at girlfriend's house the night her was murdered and had since destroyed the SIM card to her phone (after) she heard of Aaron's "death".

In her interview with our lawyer back in January, she claimed that she did know Aaron was in town, (however, it seems clear) that after he was murdered, she took his ATM card out of his wallet, cleared out his account, and then put the card back in his wallet which was in his pant's pocket.

When I arrived in Poland, I asked the police to pull the video tapes to the ATM that the money had been withdrawn from to verify who it made the withdrawal. Unfortunately, to open this aspect in discovery almost 8 months later would of course be of no value to us now because after a certain amount of time, the tapes are re-recorded over.

Apparently the girlfriend also has one male friend and two male brothers. One of the brothers is a "security guard" which in Poland is a position better known as a murderer. Apparently this brother met Aaron and liked him but according to my brother, he only met the other brother, the one that did not work due to being mentally unstable (some sort of depression) and was therefore unable to work. I never knew of this "security guard" brother.

Joanna, the girlfriend…
As the story goes, Joanna worked as a stripper at the OAZA because she was just doing what she had to do to support her family. While he was alive, Joanna claimed she was pregnant by my brother. At the interrogation however, she claimed she was not. Aaron however didn't believe her at that time and thought she only wanted money. When I got to Poland, I took his SIM card out of his phone and gave it to Police to retrieve all of their phone conversations. All the police told me was that Joanna and Aaron had been arguing. That is all they will tell us as far as what their exchange was about. The last translation I have of theirs is her saying "What? Do you think it is that easy?" Referring to Aaron getting her an apartment in Warsaw so she would be safe and wouldn't to have to dance anymore.

Aaron was to have been on a flight two days after his death to go to Paris to meet friends. He was then going to go to Holland to see his son. Because there was no second ticket, he obviously had no plans of taking her or sneaking her out of Poland. Probably, all he was doing was trying to help her get out of her job which she claimed she hated doing so much.

Two forensic scientists have claimed that the injuries sustained by Aaron had to happen by an "aggressor(s)". The injuries are not consistent with how the police said he died, and there was a baseball bat indentation in his skull.

Obviously, you understand my conclusions…

I have another article and news report I can send to you as well. I have a picture of Joanna that I am sending. I can send you her last name and address as well. I am not sure how much you are looking for, or willing to publish. I am just so furious that she/and her brother /friend are still out there and nothing has been done. (Between you and I, and you will read in the newspaper article, we have DNA that is not Aaron's but right now, the police are saying they won't test the brother or the friend against this DNA.)

Let me know if you want more, have questions etc.

Thanks so much Adam,
Take care
Brianne Lawson


Anonymous Bob said...

Aaron Lawson's so-called girl friend (with friends like that who needs enemies) should have been charged and sent to prison for theft. She admitted taking his bank card from his body and plundering all the money from his account. How did she get the pass word? A prosecutor with little experience should have no difficulty convicting her. She is also a ghoul. Theft is bad but stealing from a corpse is despicable. Furthermore, Polish law allows the authorities to incarcerate someone who is the focus of a criminal investigation pending an investigation. There are cases where the investigation dragged on for over a year and the suspect was waiting in confinement without bail and without trial. You have an admitted thief and ghoul now able to wait in the darkness for another victim, just like a vampire.

Young men should also realize that they are viewed as a source of easy cash by unscrupulous women and their male handlers in some foreign countries. They love naive and kind men. They view kindness as weakness.

Monday, March 03, 2008  
Blogger BEING HAD said...

Could not agree more

Monday, March 03, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading this makes me want to throw up and die knowing there is dispicable trash like Joanna in the world. I can't imagine what it's like to go through something like this but just thinking about it makes me want to get the next flight to Poland and shoot all of the sacks of shit that were involved in this. Fuck the Polish and watch out because trust me I would have no remorse in gutting out the person that did this to Aaron.

Monday, October 05, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is some fucked up shit

Wednesday, December 30, 2009  
Blogger charles said...

He was my roommate in the Corps. I would take those involved out of this world... I would also take out the cops as well... I would not show no mercy on them.....

Thursday, March 03, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaron was my friend growing up. I was discussed to here he was treated and his life was taken. When bri told me i couldn't believe it

Tuesday, September 24, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It. Was. Ashley. There must be someone other than myself where who put two and two together. It was Ashley. It was Ashley.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joanna is Ashley L.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015  

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