Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Got a letter from Drazek. I get these occasionally. Here is all he said:

“any news?good?bad?any others?any deadlines of repay yours dept?I'm still waiting.........see ya!


This is what I wrote back:

I thought at the moment not to write this letter. I figure that you are more interested in playing with my head than actually helping so my first inclination was simply to ignore your shit. But then after a while, I started to think that I really wanted to tell you off.

I mean, I asked you six weeks ago for a brief favor. Why didn’t you just help? Why couldn’t you just answer my letter and pick up the papers for me?

At one time I assumed that you were supposed to be some real openhearted social thinker. I assumed that you decided to back my deal in the beginning because you thought I was right and that helping was the right thing to do. I thought that you believed in that we were doing and that you thought of it as doing some real social good. Maybe it was the supporting of bikers rights, or maybe it was the opportunity to stand up for justice in your own system. I was sure that that was why you agreed to step in.

But then after a while, you just stopped. And it wasn’t that you just stopped, you sort of ground complainingly to a halt, and in two separate instances, actually hanging me out to dry! I remember one time coming to your office and asking you to translate a document for me. Short document- just a few lines. You told me that I had to fucking wait. You said that this was because you were too busy. You didn’t look at what I needed and make an estimate how long it was going to take and make some rational judgment on when you might be available. You just arbitrarily dismissed my problem as something that could just bloody well wait. And in the end, after I had to play with you for an hour about whether or not the work needed to be done, it all took exactly 13 minutes. You follow my line of thought? I had to beg you for 45 minutes to get 13 whole minutes of your life. And you had time for the argument, right? Just not for doing the work.

And after you were commenting on the rational nature of simply doing things rather than bitching about it all day. I had to listen to that too!

Well, the problem is that the job that we were doing is not completed yet. It has been going on for two years. I don’t know if you have been reading all of the pages I have been putting up, but I think I have made a pretty good point and I also think I have done a really fucking enormous amount of work. Have you had a look? I mean, do you agree with what I have been saying? I would like to know your opinion. But better, if you do agree, why didn’t you just help when I asked you to?

All I need to hear what the upper court had to say at the meeting on February 10th. The court is exactly 10 minutes from your apartment. Why couldn’t you just do the job we started? Were you too busy playing head games to help?

Now we could cast stones at each other all day, but for the life of me, all I fucking asked you guys for from day 1 was a fucking lawyer to agree to stand up and do the right thing. I was fucking all alone up there trying to stop your court system from defending an extortionist, liar and thief. Where were you? What were you doing rather than helping? I may never know for what purpose I had to lose two years of my life. But I am suffering right now because of all of this. I have been suffering for quite some time. I would like this suffering to end. I have a job to do, and I have been denied the right to do that job.

I need a real website so I can get this thing I made out to a lot more people than it already has. And some press. And certainly a good lawyer to agree to make a really big lawsuit. I figure my time is worth something. We can point fingers at each other all day long, but the point of the deal is; I figure your country owes me a pretty good piece of change for fucking my life over. I say this because the truth is the truth is the truth and all of the fucking game playing is, to me, a pretty pathetic excuse for a “justice system”.

In other words, I don’t know why you insist on writing these letters to me rather than figuring out how and what and where to go to win this thing once and for all. Poland needs to pay, know what I mean? Get back to work and let’s all get paid for what time has been wasted on this big stupid game. I needed some help, remember? Try it. I thought it was a great job when you took it the first time. And it is all for good causes, right?

So that is what I ad to say about that. I owe Drazek some money. I actually owe a lot of people money right now. That’s part of the problem too.

But anyway, I got off a letter to the upper courts asking them for the minutes of the meeting. It took a while to get an address in Poland where to send them though… I was hard replacing a friend on whom I was counting.

It is just so hard to find good help these days.