Friday, April 29, 2005

Just a quick note.

The following (previous- just scroll down, ok?) blog was written earlier in the week but for some reason, the internet cafe would not allow me into the blog system at all. I don’t know why. Theyt didn’t know why. But I simply had no access.
Anyway, I am back at the house and have sort of got back on, but for some reason, I only have access to half the page! And no hot buttons for pictures and italics and crap like that. Can’t even preview it. Had to do it all by hand.

But anyway, all is still as I have mentioned. As of this moment (Very early Friday morning) I am waiting to find out about some potential jobs for September. These would be jobs here in Belarus, of course. I will know more today. And, I have been at the dacha for the last two days planting and trying to stay warm. And you have to read the next blog to understand this, but the trees are doing fine as are my fingers.

I’ll try to have something new here tomorrow. I would have put something up today but all of this took way more time just to get going and I am now out of cheap internet time. So for now, please go ahead and read what was supposed o be on line as of last Friday or so.

And as always, thanks for the letters and support.


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