Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Belarus Politics by Belarusians…

Dzmitry Zavadsky, one of the four political figures said to have been "diappeared" by the new Belarus Politics by Belarusians website
For all of you who have forgotten, I am not only about one side of an argument; I actually insist on hearing both sides. I know there have been a few folks who have protested my style of arguing some points regarding the Belarusian opposition lately. But to this well, what can I say but that when you are right you're right.

However, this last week a new weblog from World Press came on line and tells us that it intends to speak about Belarusian politics from a historical oppositionist standpoint. The name of the blog is called Belarus Politics by Belarusians, and can be found HERE.

The level of English is not all that great but the points can be made. The site also has about as good an opposition link list as you can get all in one place. I don't know as of yet who these guys are but the thought struck me that they might be associated with either the Charter '97 folks or with Viasna, the human rights watch group.

I invite all of you staunch oppositionists to check out the site and leave some comments about what you think either here or there. And as for you black hearted cynics who have pointed out my amazing record for picking losers, well, let's just say that the being had curse is only good for those going under anyway. If this weblog continues to publish what appears to be some heady and volatile material, I think they will make an impact. But either way, Belarus Politics by Belarusians is worth a look.

Being Had says: Check it out.

More soon…


Anonymous Steve R said...

Interesting website. Seems to be a restatement of all of the major opposition rhetoric. When I read through the articles I get the feeling that you need to know a lot already to be able to make sense of it. And you are right about the level of English. I guess all of this needed to be said in one place.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007  

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