Sunday, April 06, 2008

Polish football...

We've been reading in the papers about football in Poland
And how the corruptions and betting have taken their toll and
There've been under-the-table bribes and match fixing
It's a massive scandal, sportsman and criminals mixing;
Coaches, players and refs getting busted
Even Football in Poland cannot be trusted

All things Polish seem only theft and lies
Having a position of trust means wearing a disguise
And really, who wins and who loses
When the only reality is scandalous abuses

And me? I just cannot understand
Why my simple demands
To allow that some reality
About that case they laid on me
A year of my life taken away
My credibility, my trust; even the words I say
I mean, it all makes sense to me
I would think it would be pretty clear by now, anyone can see
That the Polish landscape is an empty scene
Of endless corruption and dirty schemes
You want an oxymoron? Here, please:
How about the words "Polish integrity"?

Social distortion, lack of belief
I mean, they can't even trust their own police
I ask for justice and get Wiesniakowski and Zaremba
A bribe seeking prosecutor and a police pretender
But no matter how much information I might submit,
The lying bastards never admit
They what they did was wrong; morally, ethically, legally
State sponsored thievery, this is what I see

I say it's time for a little relief
I say it's time we call a thief a thief
How about a little changing
A reshuffle, a rearranging;
A couple of new rules, one or two go to jail
A new social forum agreeing that life's not for sale?
And it's got to be now
I mean, for six years I drag this cow
This phony charge, this fake sentence
I want an end, I want some repentance
Because they have got to admit it
They have to say that it was them that did it
Because coming clean is the only path
That inevitably leads us out of the trash
And really this is why I scream and shout
That's what BEING HAD'S really all about
It's about rebuilding what is broken; making a new start
And just like we all should, I do my part
But Jesus, it's like banging your head against the wall
And now, the Polaks can't even trust their own football
You want to say that it's all just a game
I say it's a mess, a farce and a lowdown dirty shame
But really, does this news come as any suprise?
I mean, haven't we already heard all about these guys?
Well, now even Polish football has a corruption scandal to face
Ladies and Gentlemen: This is Poland; I rest my case


Blogger Chilly S said...

dope! You get a phat beat behind that and it's a wrap (rap?)!

Sunday, April 06, 2008  

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