Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And ode to pleasant memories…

"Woma with a Hat"
by Pablo Picasso
I have just finished an English lesson with Egr, the boy who lives downstairs. We have been working on memorizing poems lately, trying to get the language onto his tongue. I came up with a poem for him today based on his inability to actually do the memorizing. Just after I wrote it down, I realized that rather than simply being nothing but a bit of humor for a ten-year-old boy to study, I had written an ode to Tomas Yucha, the arresting officer in my case whose entire testimony during the court trial, if I remember it correctly, went exactly like this:

    I don’t know why I am in court. I don’t know the accused; the date means nothing to me. (after reading) I don’t remember that situation.

I guess with memories being how they are these days, it's a good thing that I have got the case on the new www.beinghad.com website and that how it is organized makes things so easy to find now. Finding that piece of testimony took all of about 20 seconds.

Anyway, I offered Egr five bucks if he could remember the poem by tomorrow. His face looked like there was no chance. Our Egor gave me a hopeful glance that I might make the offer to him as well. That one really had no chance.

The poem went like this:

    What must we do
    When we want to remember
    Something that happened
    In June or December

    Where were we
    The last time we met
    I want to remember
    But I always forget

    How were you dressed?
    What clothes did you wear?
    Did you have a hat?
    What color was your hair?

    This is the problem
    It's really quite a shame
    But to tell the truth
    I don't even remember your name

More soon…


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